Pop Quiz 12

We may have picked up a few new readers, so I’ll go over the rules quickly.  This is a Pop Quiz.

Pop quizzes show past rooms of a currently popular designer (You can see past pop quizzes here.)  I’ve shown the layout in its entirety so as not to edit out any telltale elements.

The first reader to guess the correct designer wins.  Nothing.  Wins nothing, but can walk around all day feeling quite superior to, well, probably to someone.

I’ll be back with the answer and a few examples of current work tomorrow.


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20 thoughts on “Pop Quiz 12

  1. T and C – nope – but you can feel superior for trying.

    pve – as long as you call me.

    PHG – didn't let me down a bit. This is a toughy, though there are some clues.

  2. I'm going to take a wild stab and say Axel Vervoordt. What's sad is I know I have the tear sheet of the last room in my files!

  3. I would love to live in any of these rooms. I will guess Bunny Williams as to me her look is classic and comfortable as these rooms.

  4. It looks very European to me; the book on the coffee table is in Dutch or German; the art reminds me of Axel V. But the style and amount of objects are not the Axel V. of today. I'm going to go with Axel Vervoordt because I don't know of any other designer that combines asian, flemish art with great antiques and upholstered pieces. Besides, that black and white floor is definitely a flemish detail.
    Have a super evening.
    (Wish I were the first)

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