6 thoughts on “Red Herring

  1. I'll never think of red wallpaper the same way anymore. My favorite moment was when Elizabeth McGovern said to Maggie Smith "I helped".

  2. Oh, when you're good, you're very good.. This is perfect postscript to your terrific previous post about the Downton/Highclere sets—a fascinating interview.

    But surely Zoffany will custom print it for one?

  3. This paper is FABULOUS!!!
    On the topic of paper, I recently encountered Preston Paper based in Kansas City. Seeing that you are in KC, thought you might know them. They have the most adorable and fun calling cards and notepads. The company is young and impressive and the products are fun.
    What other great secrets are from KC besides Kate Spade, Preston Paper, and Mrs. Blandings????!!!!!!!

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