On Site with Roy Hamilton

If you are a designer, you might have seen this type of display at a Hinson showroom.  Pots and vases and cache pots en masse, all with this creamy, dreamy finish, pottery accented with a slightly darker linen pattern or faux bois or swirl.

And if you have, you know that the pieces are the work of long-revered potter Roy Hamilton.

Hamilton moved from the West Coast to NYC a few years ago and set up shop in Christopher Spitzmiller’s studio.  A more talented and gracious pair could not be found. 

While Hamilton’s pieces suit a neutral Neutra, he has recently added color to his creations.  Hatches and dots and swirls add swish to brilliantly executed forms.

Still with Spitzmiller, but at his own address on-line, you can find Mr. Hamilton here at Roy Hamilton Studios. dot com.
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8 thoughts on “On Site with Roy Hamilton

  1. Mrs. Blandings, although Roy Hamilton’s pottery is beautiful work indeed, your words are so deliciously descriptive, that one is left with the effect of biting into a freshly made, dripping with honey, piece of baklava.

    You, Mrs. Blandings, are a conjurer of both visual and tactile sensations.


  2. I'll take your word for gracious since I've not met either but talented is obvious – how beautiful!! And of course agree with Lavender – always appreciate your very descriptive scribblings!

  3. This is a perfect combination…Hamiltons art and Spitzmiller's lamps! Love knowing about this collaboration.

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