Folk Tale

Intrigued as much by the how as the what,

I stopped to see the quilt exhibit at the Folk Art Museum.

I know some folks think they are kitch and corny,

 but they often contain messages once obvious and now obscured.

And I find them strong and graphic and warm and personal all at the same time.

I just don’t know how you could look at one and not see the amount of work, the number of stitches, and not feel the strain in the back of your neck.

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9 thoughts on “Folk Tale

  1. One of my favorite dvd's – Alabama Chanin, stitch – all about quilters connecting with cotton and stitches to provide warmth and beauty. You would love it.
    I can only imagine how each of those women looked forward to stitching with one another.
    You should start a quilting bee.

  2. I am always amazed at the detail and creativity of quilts. Crazy quilts are my favorite – guess it's kind of like my family & friends.

  3. I LOVE quilts. They add instant warmth to any room – visual and tactile. Every room can use one folded at the end of a bed or couch.

  4. I think piecework like #2 is very inspiring: the effort to make pattern and beauty out of a certain kind of impoverishment and vulnerability. (That one looks like it's made from old clothes, not from whole cloth cut into scraps.) And I also like the patterns, especially in piecework, — the way in which geometrical repetition slides between representation and abstraction.

  5. I too used to think that quilts were a little hokey, but now…no way! They fit in traditional, they fit in modern, they fit anywhere. Like you said, graphic but not cold whatsoever. And yes, the work! Each and every one tells a story and is distinct. How can you not love quilts?

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