Per Your Request

Here’s the vintage pitcher that I picked up at Artichoke Annie’s Antique Mall.  Slightly Russell Wright looking, except for that handle,  I think.  No markings.  No pedigree.  (Artichoke Annie’s?  Really, is she kidding?)  Feeling a little superior?  Passed up were a Elsa Schiaparelli cloche in its original box for $30 and a vintage leather riding hat box designed to hold two hats.

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11 thoughts on “Per Your Request

  1. Very fine lines, you find the best pieces, I don't know if I could have passed up the cloche!

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    Art by Karena

  2. Score! I love old pitchers, especially ones in that green color.

    Why on earth would you pass up on a vintage cloche and leather riding hat box?

  3. Many years ago I viewed an exploration of the color celadon at the Hirschorn Museum in Washington, D.C. Huge canvases of different shades of green–it is a mystical color.

  4. I am still pining away for that leather riding hat nirvana. The stitching. The tabs. The pink interior. The price- oh darn. They knew what they had. Anyhoo- still happy with my church pew at the start of Holy Week. Quite appropriate as I have so many sins to be absolved of….

  5. I am into "jugs" as I call them and my 'Studioware' collection from England was my version of your beloved Russell Wright!
    the same muted colours are evident…greys, greens and mushroomy pinks!
    Must blog mine!

  6. Wow, I have the exact pitcher, but in a bone-yellow color. It belonged to my grandmother, who lived her entire life in the south Alabama/Florida panhandle area. Wish I knew more about it.

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