Put a Lid on It

I mentioned these charming cups yesterday.  Charlotte Moss introduced them to me and I have been meaning to order a few.

Or more.  I don’t need mugs with infusers as I prefer strong, black coffee, but the three color ways above are available with or without.

The lid is so handy.  I sometimes carry my coffee into the bathroom while I shower.  My low-rent self, lacking a knobbed-top, places a jar of cream atop my cup to keep it hot.

This seems a better solution.  At $3.50 a cup you’re still ahead of carry-out with its paper and plastic.  (Be warned that they are a shocking $6 with the infuser.)

Fans of blue and white can really score.  Sad to say, though I prefer the shape, I might have a harder time ordering “straight bottom” over “slim bottom.”  Seems one should at least be able to have one on one’s cup.  From Pearl River.

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21 thoughts on “Put a Lid on It

  1. Yes! I'm a tea-drinker and I recently got this sort of mug with infuser. It's really useful for making a single cup of tea. The lid is handy too, since otherwise I tend to wander off and then come back to cold tea.

  2. I have a couple of these and they are indeed very handy. Never knew about the "slim bottom" variety – figures!

  3. You KNOW I am a mad fan of Pearl River. They used to be on Canal Street, and you had to find the EXACT right opening between the stalls along the street to get up to the store! I was worried when they moved that they'd lose a lot of the funny, funky character the old place had, but it's still there!

  4. What a fantastic idea; I think I would go with the Blue Willow pattern. Glad to know that I'm not the only who takes coffee into the bathroom before showering. Never thought to put a jar of cream on top, but not a bad idea. (And not so low-rent either!)

  5. Oops!!! Having never heard of Pearl River Market, I assumed these were some market's version of a plastic or styrofoam cup. I have some cups like these that are made in Hungary which have diffusers in the event you use them for tea. It is a great way to take your hot drink from room to room keeping the heat and avoiding the spills. For blue and white fans, they are definitely a bargain. The Hungarian version is much more expensive. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

  6. Patricia these are so gorgeous, love them all, I don't need the liner either. I drink half coffee/half vanilla soy!

    Art by Karena

  7. These are very sweet, but do you know if the glazes are safe to drink from? I'm extra careful about imported items meant for food since the recent problems with quality in some Asian imports.

  8. When I first saw the Chinese Export style cup popping up I thought that you were going to have some views on the subject (one of my favorites)—-but this is even better as Jones (huge poodles) and Mini Beast (20 lb. siamese) have managed to break most of my imari cups–now I know where to get gorgeous new mugs (porcelain makes everything taste better). Thank you, Thank you Thank you. Mary

  9. I do so adore being able to find 'rounded bottoms' on tea cups and mugs, brings back a more elegant era when people weren't rushing so.. :}

  10. These Chinese covered mugs are called chung or zhong. Small ones without handles and that come with lids and saucers are called either zhong or gaiwen and are used with higher quality loose-leaved green and oolong teas. The while glazed interiors allow you to appreciate the color of the tea. With those, tea is typically brewed in the cup and sipped from it, using the lid as a strainer. The cup can be refilled several times with the same leaves. Or it can be poured into other cups. I sometimes use the handled mugs in the same ways. It is a very peaceful practice. I'm so pleased that you've discovered chungs.

  11. I tried to find the # of oz per cup, but the figure somehow eluded me, curious. Depending on the # of oz, just imagine serving a soup course in these, chilled or heated — orrrrr, pots de creme! These are GREAT!

  12. What a fun idea, and good way to keep a bit of beauty in your day. Their nod to the great forms of CHinese export porcelain is so appealing! Thank you for the reference!

  13. i usually take my coffee into the shower itself-
    for this i use a travel mug with a lid-

    it has an open handle and i hang it over the door-

    way back when i smoked i would usually have my first cig of the day in the shower too –

    john in nc

  14. Agree they are charming and affordable, and was about to order some. Then my low-rent, improvising self went into the kichen and found a pretty blue and white saucer, just a tad larger that my usual coffee mug, and created an instant lid.

  15. I have several of these cups and love them dearly, although the way I use them is to keep a lid by my bed, another by my dressing table, one in the bathroom, one at my desk – you get the picture! So I have lids ready at all my way-stations, and they even fit other mugs too.

  16. My kids gave me the 4 different colored ones last year for Mother's Day. From World Market in Kansas City for 2$ apiece. Maybe they still have them at this chain.

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