ADing On

Please forgive my spotty posts.  I’ve been painting my living room and for a short time I thought it had gotten the best of me.  Also, I’m stepping out on you just the littlest bit.  Every now and then, a few times a month for as long as they will have me, I’m going to be writing the same sort of stuff that I write here over at  It’s been in the works for a while, but as editor Margaret Russell said at Blog Fest yesterday, random is not in her vocabulary.  Anyway, I think we have things hammered out, though I am sure they will evolve.  Expect the same sort of stuff around here, with the occasional link over there.

Image courtesy of Architectural Digest; photography Roger Davies.

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36 thoughts on “ADing On

  1. That is really fabulous!!! Seeing Margaret Russell in person today was a thrill. She is eloquent and amusing. I loved that she had Ozzy and Sharon's apartment in her presentation!

    ~ E

  2. A huge congratulations Patricia!! Excited to hear and see more!

    Art by Karena

    Come and enter my New Giveaway from Serena & Lily! You will love it!

  3. Can't think of anyone better suited. Congrats.

    And the word verification was prose – if that isn't a sign…

  4. Congratulations Patricia!! I was at blogfest and heard Margaret speak yesterday – I repeated that exact same quote! She is definitely a force of nature – great choice on her part. Have fun – will be looking for you over there!!

  5. M.R. certainly did not make a random selection when she chose you to contribute over at ~ Kudos to you and I can't wait to see the living room here!

  6. That's so funny, I was just over at the AD site last night pulling a cover photo for a guest blog post and saw your post about cowhide rugs. I thought to myself, "When did Mrs. Blandings start writing for AD? How did I miss this?"So glad I'm not too far behind the curve. Great post (and very relevant to me as I just bought my first hide rug)! Can't wait to see more in the future!

    Congratulations and kudos to you!

  7. Wow, big news!! We get AD here at home, but I haven't been looking at it lately. Did you notice that the Osborne's don't have rugs in most of their rooms? I think that is because a lot of the dogs have accidents! Remember the TV series? Those doggies were going all over the place. I'll certainly check you out over there. You are one of my few daily reads. Ann

  8. Patricia………no disparaging remarks from me. Congratulations! Your post is the the ONE I read regularly. Congrats to AD. CF on 45th Street.

  9. Bravo and congratulations! This is real confirmation
    that the magazine has evolved! I have great respect for Paige Rense….when I started 40 years ago; it was pretty much the only game in town.

    Now, with the recession, the stars are the survivors!

    Magazines and decorators!

    Hope I survive! Totally deserved congratulations…..Since I have had a blog……(kind of a mini-blog?) for two weeks……I see the amount of work and dedication it takes. You are a trailblazer!

    wonderful news………….how do I get there???


  10. good for you. I may actually resubscribe if this means they are going back to having something relevant to real people who want to live in real, personal spaces. I'm excited if that's the case.

  11. Congratulations, Mrs. B! I'm not at all surprised to learn that you are branching out. Looking forward to reading your posts over at AD.

  12. Kudos to you on the AD work! Well-deserved; clearly they know quality when they see it.

    Can't wait to see/read your living room painting post. I've been struggling with the same and, in fact, just posted in my own blog about it. (See "Living Room Blues"–I guess that gives you a hint about how it turned out! Oh well…)

  13. Thanks so all of you for such nice support. Elizabeth, Ms. Russell never fails to impress me. I'm only surprised you didn't mention how tiny she is – that's usually the first thing people say. Nutbird, the bare floors and the upholstery were chosen with those pups in mind. Penny, your style is so uniquely you – in the world of blogging that seems to lead to success. Now you just need a little time and a little luck. Dana, subscribe! I've seen July and each issue is just better and better.

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