Evolution of a Living Room – Version 2.0

I abandoned the strie.  The choice was repaint the entire room white then glaze or just paint the solid color throughout.  I painted a solid coat with the glaze, so this is three coats of 1:1 Slipper Satin and glaze.

I tried these chairs flanking the sofa, but the room nearly tipped.  Their scale is a little large – 10-20% too big I’d say – no matter where they are, but they are great for reading the paper on Sunday.  The painting was my mother’s and I love it, but Mr. B thinks it is “spooky.”  It’s place holding.  Maybe for this.

I tossed that needlepoint pillow, above, onto one of the chairs and realized I have a completed canvas at the Studio just waiting for fabric to back it.  I think I’ll reconstruct the tulip as well and leave them here.
These chairs need recovering badly so I will soon begin the hunt for fabric.  Expect slips for the Biedermeier chairs as well.  And pillows for the sofa.  Sakes.

Rather than focusing on what is not, let’s instead enjoy what is.  Slipper Satin has taken the edge off of the walls while still leaving a sense of “white.”  (Which is what Mr. Blandings would tell you it is anyway.)

So, now, go ahead, twist my arm – make me look at fabric.  Shucks, I guess I will.
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22 thoughts on “Evolution of a Living Room – Version 2.0

  1. I am familiar with Slipper Satin but what color glaze did you use and were you trying to accent the undertone of the base coat or change it?

  2. I keep coming back to these two iterations/evolutions and I want to move and remove furniture. Maybe the heavy chairs by the window for a separate seating vignette? Couch away from wall….perhaps perpendicular from the fireplace and across the window? and maybe some editing of the extra chairs and side tables?

    Huge disclaimer: I'm not a designer, decorator, or interior stylist of any sort – just an occasional visitor website.

  3. Good luck with the fabric. I'm looking for a light silver grey velvet wingback chair (with dark cherry wood legs) for our bedroom. You would think I was asking for the moon.

  4. The slipper satin looks great! I'll have to remember that for my next house. I want my next house to be clean and simple with mostly white-ish walls (my husband painted almost every room in our current house tan or brown before we got married and if I didn't have a baby I'd be repainting every time he leaves town). I love the cozy chairs next to the fireplace. Fabric shopping is the most fun! Looking forward to seeing more!

  5. I'm sure it was tiring to paint such a large room, but it was worth it. It looks calm and serene. I hope you can relax a bit and feel the same! It helps when you can enjoy the fruit of your labor. Slipper Satin really complements the blue tint in Borrowed Light. Now, have fun searching for fabrics.

  6. Different Anon. from 8:25. I think the chairs currently flanking the fireplace would look good by the large window and would put nice weight in what appears to be the back of the room. Great spot for reading also. The Biedermeier chairs could flank the fireplace with the ottoman between them with a tray to act as a table. This means one additional chair by the sofa. If matching, it would be three pairs in the same room. I don't know how that would look. I like the sofa where it is because of the large painting hanging over it and the placement of the end tables. The positive here is that there are so many opportunities to change up the look once all the fabric is chosen.

  7. I love the new tables. I had the same question about the glaze. Brand please? I have a room I think it would really enhance.

    Your needlepoint IS a work of art!

    Art by Karena

  8. Its just a breath of color over white, I like it. Clarity without starkness.

    I love fabric, I can't wait to see your contenders.

  9. I am getting an error message but am gong to try one more time. Sorry.
    The paint colors are fantastic! I really like the chairs at the fireplace but I think that if you turn them at a 45 degree angle to the fireplace wall they will be in better proportion to the rest of the room. Also, I would place an ottoman (not matching) between the chairs in front of the fireplace. I love the little table beside each chair.

  10. We should swap chairs. I have a pair that my dad keeps telling me he'll deliver any day. They were a Craigslist find. I'm afraid they will be a bit petite for my larger sofa.

    Can't wait to see what fabric you choose.

  11. "I keep coming back to these two iterations/evolutions and I want to move and remove furniture."

    Oh. Do we get to move furniture around? I LOVE rearranging furniture in real life, drives my husband crazy, he just doesn't understand. It's EXPERIMENTATION, it's just fun, here we go:

    * I would like to center the rug first; center the short end of the rug [which I love] with the center of the shuttered windows. Don't worry that the rug may have come completely out from under the sofa, it's ok. We're just experimenting.

    * Next I'd like to find tables to put against the wall on both sides of the fireplace. One wall is shorter than the other, so we may not be able to have a matched pair, but just for fun I'd start with pulling those iron tables from each side of the curtains, and putting them on each side of the fireplace. Playing with the tabletops comes later but you have pots and lamps and things for when you get to that phase

    * Now that we've put something against the wall at each side of the fireplace, this naturally moves the pair of big yellow upholstered chairs farther [you have a problem with lie/lay, and I have one with further/farther] out from that wall. And since the rug has been centered, that puts the rug closer to the yellow chairs if not under the chairs. Now listen: move the pair of yellow chairs so they don't face each other anymore, turn them on angle so they each face the sofa area.

    * Take the zebra ottoman out of the room for now because you have a lot of cream undertones, and that one note of whitewhite is jarring [to me].

    * I see you're like me, you like pairs. Just for fun, take the lone French chair out of the room for a minute. Now take one of your Beidermeiers away from the pair, and move it over where the lone Franch chair was. Now there's one on each side, turn one on right angle with sofa, and turn the other one on angle like you did with the yellow chairs.

    * Now everything is all paired up, probably "too" paired up, but we're in a good place to start seeing if 1. you like the look/feel of the sisal rug in the middle of the room, 2. if you like the feel of tables flanking mantel, and 3. if you like the yellow chairs angled to relate to, yet be separate from, the sofa group.

    * Blogger is calling me "anonymous" and I don't know why, this is Flo talking.

  12. Brava! The satin-slipper paint looks beautiful… like a soft version of antique white – but less peach. I think the room is looking wonderful and it will be good to see more of the floor, ultimately! I bet the subtlety of this soft slipper changes throughout the day. ; )

  13. Flo, how much do you charge by the hour?

    Seriously, I think Mrs. B has a handle on it and doesn't need a checker board move piece by piece. Some good suggestions, but I think the room is coming together in an obvious way. If you don't otherwise charge for it, don't give it. Enough said.

    When the fabric is chosen and Mrs.. B has to really think scale, color and design, she will come to the right conclusions.

    I am learning a lot here. Keep up the good work, Mrs. B.

  14. Well alrighty now…..looking good!!!! I have to say after spending time in the D&D last week…..I could look at fabric for days. Enjoy!!!

  15. I thought I had left a comment – anywho, your room has a very Rose Tarlow look, and I would love a muted pattern, a quiet tattersall…a pillow…or two. Looks lovely.

  16. Why is none of the furniture near the window to watch the world go by???? The window go to the window . will green pl–ants make an appearance in the room the modern painting should take the focus not the one you love. it should be placed in the hall way so you can see it while doing the laundry.

  17. "Flo, how much do you charge by the hour….If you don't otherwise charge for it, don't give it. Enough said."

    I am sorry to offend. Truly.

    Yes, I'm sole proprietor of a 30 year old residential interior design company.

  18. Maybe it's obvious, maybe it's cliche, but instead of the place-holder art over the fireplace, how about the big gold mirror of your dreams?? I think it could look great with those pots … Your room is a very nice space.

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