Emerald City

The paint has arrived for my dining room.  The final two choices still remain, side-by-side, on the East wall and occasionally I wonder if I selected well.  Selected best, I suppose, as they are both fine shades of green.  The universe keeps handing me gumdrops of reassurance, not the least of which was this wonderful image from Matthew White and Frank Webb.  They are partners in the firm White Webb and produce a lovely design log which you can find here.  This issue they are exploring the glory of green and make reference to Oz in the nicest way; I couldn’t resist.

Today the electrician comes to scoot the sconces out a bit.  I think Mr. Blandings would advise to play it where it lays, but he is keeping it to himself.  By the weekend I am hoping the room will be ready for the wizard himself.

Image courtesy of White Webb and is used with their permission.

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18 thoughts on “Emerald City

  1. Oh that green! My only current project is to dandy up the laundry room. Dare I? I mean, I spend a lot of time in that little space and it should be elegant!

  2. No photos of the swatches of paint on the dining room walls? If the color comes any where near close to the depth of the White-WEbb room, you've got a winner. I'm painting today, also–a bright coral/pink against the antique griege paneling in the shop. Yes, it will be an adventure, but it is only paint. Happy summer! Mary

  3. Adore this beautiful room!! I'm sure you've chosen well and best! Can't wait to see it up!! And btw – my dining room is green as well – but very different – a lovely pale yellow green like a baby lettuce – from Martha Stewart's collection for Fine Paints of Europe. I never tire of it.

  4. That green wall is absolutely beautiful! Please post the final product of what you ended up going with. Yes, if it's like that inspiration wall, it will be fantastic!

  5. I've got a red dining room at the moment and am turning towards an emerald green because that's what I want in the kitchen also. I know most of the world seems to want beige walls but I'm wanting intense colour everywhere. Van Deusen blue in the LR. I don't know if it's the economy or something in the water, but clear, saturated colours are so satisfying these days.

  6. green?? where the hell did that come from.

    i need to move sconces in the powder room but i've held off on it fearing great expense. should i let my fear go?

  7. Patricia love the choices for your dining, excited to see, and loved The World White Webb!


    Art by Karena

  8. Can't wait to see the finished product!

    Hoping you might be able to identify a fabric for me. I'm at a loss. I posted a pic of it on my blog.

    Romantic Domestic

  9. Emerald Green is one of my favourite colours. I don't know why I don't see it more often in people's homes. Just a thought, maybe different types of light bulbs change its effect in rooms. Anyway, this picture does do the deep hue all the justice that it deserves.

  10. Wow, that green is beautiful! And so is design blog. Definitely some inspiration to be found in there. Thanks for the great post!

  11. What a STUNNING shade of green…and I am always a sucker for bird wallcoverings. It's like eating in a secret garden, that room. Best of luck with your green decision. And if they were both beautiful options to BEGIN with, you can't go wrong with either and will soon forget the one you didn't chose as you bask in the delight and satisfaction of a newly dressed dining room.

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