New Addition

Dexter Shackelford
Born: March 16, 2011
Time: Long past due
Weight: Unknown, though he can eat it in puppy chow

We have all been wanting another Boxer for a long time, but the move (and pure fear) had held us up.  Our next-door neighbors have three dogs and it was actually Rosie’s longing at the fence that sent us in search of a new dog.

As with all older siblings, we are telling her that we brought Dexter into our family for her.  She is skeptical, but tolerant.

He’s a pain, of course, as all puppies are pains, but also adorable, as all puppies are adorable.  He’s all the things that Mr. Blandings remembered as “not that bad.”  Up early.  Chewy.  Unhousebroken.  An added bonus is his kicking his bowl around the kitchen when it is empty and he feels it shouldn’t be.  And he’s incredibly soft, pounces on blowing leaves and sleeps under my chair when I’m working.

The inside of his ears are like the palest pink satin and his coat is the silk tiger velvet that I will never have.  The youngest named him after the Dexter of Dexter’s Laboratory and not the mild-mannered serial killer, though he may have qualities of both.  I might have forgotten to mention to Mr. B that his mother weighed sixty pounds and his father eighty, so don’t tell him if you see him.  We will just let that part be a surprise.

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42 thoughts on “New Addition

  1. Oh SO SO adorable. Congratulations. And welcome to Dexter. Btw – my lab is 95 lbs and still manageable (sort of)!!

  2. And what a lovely surprise.
    I actually did get Botetourt for Boisfeuillet, my favorite was another dog, but Botetourt was the only one who wanted to play with Boisfeuillet on our doggie dates. Sly fellow, as now he prefers to sit in my lap and sleep snuggled up against my side, no matter how often Boisfeuillet tries to rouse him. By the way, I know someone who does amazing dog portraits, mine just went up on the wall two weeks ago…I think she'll photograph children, too. 🙂

  3. We use the word frolic a lot when describing our Tucker playing in the grass… it's the perfect description of the word… he is so corny and looks like a cartoon puppy frolicking about… nothing cuter!

  4. Hi Patricia, Congratulations on the new baby!! I love babies and puppies and dogs and cats and birds (not so much reptiles or bugs). There is nothing more wonderful than a still squishy-soft naughty puppy and don't get me going about puppy breath. Dexter will be house broken in the blink of an eye–but the chewing issue… He is adorable: enjoy. Mary

  5. My grandfather loved boxers! What a great introduction to new puppy Dexter… he's a cutie-pie! I love that expression in the last photo and I know it well. It's my dachshund Billy's expression when he's attempting to charm! ; )

  6. Congratulations on your new addition! Dexter is one handsome puppy & no doubt Rosie will show him the ropes in no time. My grandpaprents always had boxers… the Dogs never realized they were not lap Dogs!

  7. i love that colour of the inside of a pup's ear. i wanted to paint my bedroom "connor's ear pink" but it was too hard to do the colour match, as he wouldn't cooperate.

    dexter's a dollbaby!

  8. Oh, what a little love he is! And look at his expression! I'm certain he'll do his best to be good for as long as he can.
    Thank you for this lovely post. Thank you also for the mentions of all the less appealing bits that come with living with a puppy. Without them I was about to go beg my landlady to lift her prohibition on dogs in the building. Still …

  9. Patricia many new events in your life this year!! A new house and now a new pup for your family!! He is as cute as can be!! PST I won't tell Bill…

  10. Congratulations! He's perfect. Don't you just love puppyhood? Like a new baby but no angst about college tuition.

  11. Dexter is just beautiful. We have a one year old Boxer named "Hank" and he is a Reverse Brindle. He is huge at about 75lbs and still growing. He is a clumsy ox and steps on me constantly, but I love him so much. Have fun with your new addition.

  12. He is so cute!!!! I might love puppies more than design! Maybe you can use Dexter as an additional point of view as you make decisions about your home!

  13. *** G' morning, and the WARMEST WELCOME to "MR. FABULOUS"!!! He is ONE CUTIE-PATOOTIE, that's for sure!!!

    Yessireebob, the JOYS of "PUPPY MAMAHOOD"!!!~~~ We JUST STARTED going thru it two weeks ago… (I am still ALIVE to talk about it, too~~~ shock of shocks!!!).

    Your article was so cute~~~ and soo ACCURATE!!!

    Licks to Dexter from our Belle & Marnie, and a big HUG from me!

    Linda in AZ *

  14. Congrats! Can't wait to meet him!!!! He's so darn cute.
    And you'll find that boy dogs are way less neurotic than girls. Go figure.
    I bet Rosie is the best Mamma. How sweet!

  15. DARLING! Dog love- Rosie at the fence showing off her little brother. So much more important than the stuff we do. You are the tops-and very Brave. pgt

  16. Welcome 'sweet little' Dexter!!! You have the most wonderful family to get to know and to be a part of, try not to chew and widdle on many of their favorite things and you'll be just fine!
    Congratulations…he's adorable, love the last image!
    xo J~

  17. A warm welcome to young Master Dexter, from another one-dog household that is considering adding a 2nd … our only dog doesn't like being an only dog.

    May Dexter live long and prosper, may he catch on to the whole "manners" thing quickly, and may Rosie become his guiding light.

    Best to the newly expanded family — Cass

  18. Congratulations on little Dexter…he's adorable!!!

    Met some friends of yours on Saturday – my quick trip to KC. Now, out in the Little Apple, soaking up the heat.

    We are misisng our new pup….as she's at puppy Sleep Away camp. Between you and me….it's a little breather for me!

    xo Elizabeth

  19. awwww. we just got a king charles cav == 8 weeks. such a baby!!! bella. maybe bella and dexter can get married one day.

  20. Does one receive quite so many comments as they do for cute sweet little puppies? It goes to show we are all suckers for those big eyes and puppy smell. Congrats on the cutest little addition I have ever seen!

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