Too Much is Never Enough

In other dining room news, I bought more chairs.

At first I wondered if they were better than, or just different from, my current chairs.  Also, there is the issue of my chair addiction.  Further, I am now captivated by the idea of the bamboo dining chairs in the Reed house.  Still, the long and short of it is, I am usually long on ideas and short on funds and it is likely that it would take me a while to a) find better chairs and b) afford better chairs.

So when these literally landed in my lap it seemed wise to snap them up.  (I have two pieces of art on my wish list as well and they are taking priority.)  I was originally thinking I would paint these black, but this pale yellow is so cheerful I wonder if it should be the “new” color as well as the old.  They have, literally, lifted the spirit of the room.
I haven’t the heart to count my chairs again, but whatever the last horrendous number was, it is now that + 6.  Sakes.
The wall color is Farrow & Ball Folly Green.
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30 thoughts on “Too Much is Never Enough

  1. Love the chairs and am eagerly anticipating each step of your dining room. BTW, Lawrence KS was fun. There is a little antique/curio shop on one of the side streets where I found a wonderful giant clam shell. They have lots of geologic artifacts that I think 3 boys might find very interesting.

  2. From another perspective, you got these chairs so that there would be more places to sit so that you could offer hospitality to more people, which is, of course, a divine commandment. So really you've done a terribly good thing that will put stars in your crown in heaven…good gracious, Mrs. Blandings, where do you find the time?

  3. yellow seems great now, but come fall/winter, I bet you'll want to paint them black… I LOVE the black ones with that green velvet fabric on the seat!

  4. Love the yellow. I would at least live with it for a while and see if it grows on you or rises up against you.

    Also, where does one KEEP the many subjects of a chair addiction? Just curious.

  5. I liked these when you first posted them, and I like them even more in place. Yellow isn't something I'm usually drawn to but its really good in the room. A little lighter in feel. Also, love the green, I can't wait to see it with the stencil.

  6. Most of us run out of $$$ before the ideas stop coming!! Ideally, I try to do one project at a time too completion, but that never works. Everything is a work in progress.

  7. These chairs are GREATGREATGREAT and so is your paint color on the wall, and long live the power behind the slow percolation of ideas, you hit that proverbial home run when it bubbled up that what you really wanted was a more airy distribution of branches. RAH!

  8. Patricia —

    The green looks stunning, the chairs are so graceful, and I think the yellow and green are lovely together. Echos the feel of MMcD's design.

  9. The chairs are lovely. Perhaps you could make or have made black velvet cushions and later have an additional "summer" cushion that you change with seasons.
    I just got new (old) dining chairs too and scored a chinoiserie toile Brunschwig Fils for $20 that I used on the seats.

  10. Here I thought you were quoting the Pet Shop Boys song (too much of everything is never enough).
    Love your new chairs! Keep the yellow for awhile -you can always paint them black but can't go back.

  11. I love the wall color–that is a hard color to attain: warm, yet cool. Being a chair addict, too (I actually self -hypnotize myself to not buy chairs when I go buying), life without chairs issues is a bit boring. I would wait and see what you think in a few weeks. Have fun. Mary

  12. Leaving well enough alone~apart from possibly
    darkening the striping lines to something greener~
    would seem to be the answer. The chair has good
    lines, is elegant without being in the least pretentious,
    and a set of six will look marvelous in that room~
    supplying the understatement that is the perfect foil
    to the chinoiserie planned for the walls. (Can you hear
    the collective sigh of relief all over the blogosphere,
    dear Mrs B.???)

  13. Slightly off topic, but I missed the name of the paint color on the walls. It's lovely and seems to sit well with either the black or the ocher chairs. Is it Farrow and Ball also?

  14. Toby – I almost can. We'll see how the finished project turns out.

    Anon – not off topic at all. I've added it to the post, but it is Farrow and Ball Folly Green. I also considered Breakfast Room Green, which is a great, great color, but became a little too gray at night for the room.

  15. LOVE THE CHAIRS. EITHER COLOR. leave them the yellow for now, as someone said, they can always be painted. one on either side of the serving table?

  16. Oh my goodness, what a lovely design…BEAUTIFUL green, one of our favorites! Too much is NEVER enough 🙂
    -Jessica & Holly

  17. Love the chair and it does not appear to be to bright a yellow to compete with the green on the walls. Live with them and if you need to add a glaze to soften the color you can or as suggested above, black would be stunning.

  18. The chairs are great, as is the green! I think keep the chairs as is.

    One thing to note is that Mary McDonald had black chairs with a black table…so the yellow chairs with a brown table may look better in your situation? Maybe you could do yellow/gold curtains like Mary McDonald did to match your chairs?

    I can't wait to see the stenciling, it all looks so good!

    I would also love a post on all the chairs in your house! You could even do a series and really drag it out if you wanted!!

  19. I used to have a small chair problem, but now it's under control. Your new chairs are perfect. Hope to see the stencilling soon.

  20. Now those are chairs—I'd being trying to take them home if I were at a dinner party at your house. And the color looks good to me with that terrific wall color.

  21. I also confess to a chair addiction. I am almost relieved when I happen upon just one, because there's always a hallway or a little spot that can use a little black chippendale chair.

    The current problem is an extra set of dark McGuire target back chairs that I bought last summer, waiting for another house with a sunroom. No new house in sight…

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