Magical Charm

The March 1965 issue of House Beautiful which I featured yesterday is titled, “The Individualist.”    It’s delightful even forty-six years later.

Besides the Mathews’ home there is an entire section of “applied individualism.”  These images are of Mr. and Mrs. Tony Duquette’s bed-sitting room in Los Angeles.  If you described the palette it might sound like you were describing a bruise, but there’s nothing painful about it.  It’s hauntingly beautiful.
Images, House Beautiful, March 1965, design by Mr. Duquette, photography by Danforth-Tidmarsh.  The title of the post is a description of the room from the article.
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11 thoughts on “Magical Charm

  1. All Duquette interiors had a great look. I could not live with the bed on a platform along with what looks like a second bed in a niche. But it is very attractive still today.

  2. My mother used to have just about every issue of house Beautiful and House & Garden from the '60s and '70s, which she kept in her "magazine closet." When she moved and downsized, they all had to go and I still regret not being able to go through and save some. Seeing your post just brings that home. Thanks for sharing those lovely pictures.

  3. I was a wee lad of 12 when this issue appeared, just really awakening to design, and I remember well this issue when it arrived. Went through me like a lightening bolt, that spread. Practically wore the issue out looking at it over and over.

  4. Too late for Paris suggestions?-the "Centre for Aid Through Work" exihibition of mentally challenged artists-also a snack on the roof of La Samaritaine- not much charm but what a view- Creme brulee for breakfast- a Kir Royale before lunch (It's PARIS)-dinner at "Les Philosophes" Mid afternoon breather at Fauchon

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