Oh, Nicky You’re So Fine

Alternately titled, “Whoa Nelly, Olsen!”
I had a crazy day yesterday (such days call for my writing my schedule down on a separate piece of paper which I carry around like a security blanket) and still made time to sit down and enjoy the apartment designed by Nick Olsen in the July/August House Beautiful.  And if eight pages of Olsen aren’t enough, you can watch an on-line interview where he shares his secrets of decorating big in a small space.

Image, House Beautiful, July/August 2011; photography Bjorn Wallander.

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8 thoughts on “Oh, Nicky You’re So Fine

  1. Can I please tell you about my list. I gave up handwritten lists long ago… Now my security blanket is a single-spaced typed list which I divide by day for the week. Of course, once a couple things are crossed off and the list appears to be messy, the list can be cleaned up on the computer as it is saved under "my list"
    No more frantic searches for the lost list!
    Love your title!

  2. I rather loved this tiny space. Not so easy for a family of 5 and a dog. We lived in a small studio and longed for more space and one day I think we will revert back to one room like this.
    Nicky is so fine. Love the mixture and the collections too.

  3. How did he know to put in that purple chair. Without that there is nothing to write home about. Thanks for the post. Enjoy your blog a lot. Ann

  4. i use index cards-
    i can fold the top margin down and it slips into a space between componets in the dash-

    since everything revolves around visits to the nursing home these days, my route is determined by whether i am going to Lowe's or Walmart- and is always written out in order on
    the right of the card-
    chores around the house are written on the left side with special notes between the two columns and tv schedule is on the flip side-
    plus any thing else- the use of an * aleerts me to any notes on the flip side that i may need to check while running errands-

    john in nc

  5. Loved the video and the interesting color choices in the room. Neutrals have their place, but it's always fun to see people embrace color in their spaces.

  6. Thank you for the link Patricia, I'm a huge N.O. fan and had not seen this interview. I feel head over heels for the piping detail on this sofa and bringing the same idea to the door(s).

    Hope the rest of your week is a bit calmer?!


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