Sometimes the things we need seem 911 when they are really only 411.  I am trying to take the emergency out of the situation by starting here first.

I have not so much as googled as I am avoiding what could be hours of clicking and checking.  I was thinking my designer friends just might have a resource that could help.  I bought a vintage star lantern like this a week or so ago.  What I need, the emergency, is the canopy.  That piece that fits against the ceiling.  Anyone?

Image, Veranda, July/August 2011, design by Andrew Raquet; photography Max Kim-Bee.  The fixture pictured here is Charles Edwards.

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14 thoughts on “411

  1. Looks like it could be quite easily be made out of tin (you know you can). Or, try one of those Mexican craft shops.

  2. Have you tried a salvage company/yard in your area? If not, there are various restoration companies who have odd lots. Call or email me if you cant find one online that has lighting parts. Have you made any new needlepoint for your new home?

  3. I would first try Julie Neill julieneill.com and then maybe Vaughan (they're in the D&D.) Also My Lamp Parts mylampparts.com
    Good luck!

  4. What about using some vintage cake moulds ? you can easily silver or gilt them and drill a hole ,,,, jsut an idea ,,, best wishes Stephanie Murray

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