Fairy Dust

One of the things I like about art fairs is being able to see such a wide variety of artists in one place.

I’ve had a little stack of cards on my desk since the Brookside Art Fair, including Jody Depew McLeane’s pastels, top.

Signe & Genna Grushovenko collaborate on oil paintings based on vintage photographs.

And Dick Daniels’s cartoonish commentary.

All images via the artists’ sites which you can find through the highlighted links above.

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4 thoughts on “Fairy Dust

  1. I have a stack of those cards too. I think the Brookside fair is the best one of the season. We love the Grushovenko paintings.

  2. Please tell us more about the Brookside fair, when is it? where is it?

    I bought a Grushovenko painting last year at the Savannah Telfair Museum Art Fair that is very similar to the bathing beauties painting you posted. I love it.

    If the Brookside fair is fantastic, maybe my friends and I need to do a girls trip to coincide with it.

  3. Jody's work absolutely fascinates and memorizes

    From her statement page:
    The pastel I use is comprised of pure powdered pigment combined with a small amount of binder. They are not oil. Crumbling the pastel in my left palm, I use my hand as a palette, scooping the pigment with my right thumb to apply it to the pastel paper. This technique gives the work a painterly quality. Because the pigment is airborne due to its crumbling, I wear a respirator while working in the studio. When the drawing is completed I steam it to fix the pastel, rather than spraying it with a fixative.

    I had never heard of her when I saw a figural pastel of hers on Craigslist. Lucky day!

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