On Second Thought

In case you were wondering, Mr. Blandings thinks I am amusing, but takes almost none of my advice.  The minutes that are mentioned here absolutely exist.  This post originally appeared September 19, 2008.

Dear Mr. Blandings,

I agree.  Perhaps I should give the Duck Club a try.  The dead-mouse-in-the-olive-oil story notwithstanding, I can see that it has a lot to offer.  I appreciate your showing me the minutes dated 1972 stating, “Wives’ opinions are considered irrelevant and will not be considered in matters of decor.”  Still, I have enclosed a memo to the members for them to consider a few changes.  A spit and polish if you will.


To:       Members, Fontana Farms Duck Club
From:  Mrs. Blandings
Re:       The Benefits of Good Design
Gentleman, I hope you do not think I am interfering in your peaceful retreat, but I am enclosing images of a John Stefanidis project in Scotland that I thought you might enjoy. While originally uninterested in your clubhouse, this rustic gem has provided a bit of inspiration.  I think you will agree that it could serve as a model for your renovation.
The tackle room is simply charming. The rustic, industrial lighting, cubbies for supplies and a well-stocked bar would surely be a welcoming sight. I’m sure you won’t mind if I store a needlepoint project or two bottom right.

The living room is chic and cozy.  The graphic display of the black and white prints in their sleek silver frames really pops against the wood, don’t you agree?  And fresh flowers are always a nice touch.  
A small print in the kitchen would be a bright and cheery way to start the day, and, as you leave at o’dark-thirty to begin your blood quest, this would certainly lift your spirits.  Mrs. Milledge could make her delicious, homemade jam right there while you are away.

No need to sit around in the evening watching T.V.  Once these simple changes have been made, wives and children can enjoy the Duck Club, too.  We can play charades.  What fun!

I’m sure you will agree that the entire membership would benefit.  If, however, you are determined to move forward with the original plan, which is, if I understand correctly, clean out the refrigerator and order two pleather recliners, Mr. Blandings is correct.  Nebraska Furniture Mart is just the spot.
All images courtesy of Rooms by John Stefanidis; photography by James Mortimer.  
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5 thoughts on “On Second Thought

  1. Hi Patricia, I do approve of your suggested design modifications and upgrades. Jones, being the well-bred german duck hunter that he is, would look infinitely more professional while on duty in the Stefanidis-inspired living room with it's ivory upholstery (his blue-gray coat would provide the perfect counterpoint). The cubbies would also provide him with the perfect place to park his toys and bones. As he prefers sleeping at the end of the bed, the draping on the modern canopy bed would add to his sleeping pleasure. If he can be of further design help, he is available for consultation. Mary

  2. When I saw the pictures in the email I get for your posts, I thought OMG is THAT the Infamous Duck Club, I can't believe she doesn't go there all the time! Then I read the post. What a gorgeous place!

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