Please Stand By

I really did expect to be posting by now.  I got the boys back to school, did a fair amount of work in the basement, then I got a wild hair to paint the dining room.  I told Mr. Blandings yesterday that next to marrying him, this project has offered more immediate satisfaction than any other.  I hope to finish Tuesday and should be back on track by the end of the week.  Details to follow.

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24 thoughts on “Please Stand By

  1. It never ceases to amaze me how much satisfaction I get out of a freshly painted room. Can't wait to hear all about the details!

  2. Patricia I love this, is it a stencil? Adore the background color.

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    Art by Karena

  3. Wow. I am definitely more impressed with you than ever before. Congratulations on this major accomplishment! And when I say major, I mean MAJOR! Very impressive indeed!

  4. Let's hear it for the gal who knows how to bring the outdoors inside. One more week until school resumes.
    This gal is ready for some instant gratification. I surrender to summer for one more week.

  5. Thanks! I will give all the paint details shortly, but I mixed the color with a little shimmer – so it's basically white with a little kick.

  6. Oh my stars, is there anything you, Blandings, can't do?
    This is an opus.
    Do post deets for we gobsmacked minions 😉
    Cheers, Alcira

  7. it's such a big deal getting the kids ready for school.
    take your time….
    we will wait!!
    i know it will be beautiful when you are finished.


  8. Oh goody! I've been looking forward to see what you would come up with when you mentioned your plan to stencil the dining room. I am looking forward to seeing more! If this snippet is any indication it will be wonderful!

  9. are you serious? this is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg!!! i am SOOOOOOOO impressed. i can not believe you did this yourself, incredible. can't wait to see the whole room.


  10. I have a tidbit for you! This is a secret learned from extensive study of John Fowler and Nancy Lancaster.

    If you paint egg whites (I am not kidding ) on the leaves (not all of them, mind you) they will be phosphorescent in candlelight!! How cool is that?? (even if the shimmer is in the paint……they will shimmer a bit more!!!

    Your walls look great!

  11. Oh my gosh, it's so perfect I thought it was wallpaper. How long did this project take and how did you so accurately scale the sizes of the stencils? What is the background color? Can't wait for the details. You are truly a one woman wonder.

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