Pleased as Punch

The dining room walls are (mostly) finished.

There is a blank spot here just the to left of the door that you cannot see. (Also, out of range, is the pile of paint and paper and nonsense that is atop my dining room table.)

The butterflies were an unexpected delight, and as you have no before and after you cannot tell, but they really added something.  Movement maybe.  Whimsy.

I will be back on Tuesday to post colors and materials and process.


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32 thoughts on “Pleased as Punch

  1. I do really like it — it is fun and imaginative and Ilove the colors — the woods of a dining room should look good with the green and the white!

  2. This is an epic feat of faux painting, dear Blandings.
    And in truth, on this particular Friday, reason enough for Nero to keep on living.
    Cheers, Alcira

  3. Just beautiful! Lovely tranquil colours and it doesn't look like a stencil at all so I'm interested to see how you did it! Fab.

  4. Beautiful work. Do you hire out? I can not wait to see the finished room. Yum! Thanks for sharing. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  5. How beautiful!! Well done! I agree that the butterflies add a happy subtle energy to the room. Really and truly gorgeous. Now I'm off to go stencil something while my husband's not looking …

  6. This is beautiful! To me it evokes Nancy Lancaster's Palladian Room walls at Haseley Court…not the colors, but the feeling of it. Just exquisite.

    please press on, can't wait to see more. 🙂

  7. I especially love that you have kept the dining room alive in an era where sharing meals standing up seems to be an epidemic. I would love to share a meal in that special room~ Beautiful work Mrs.B. How does the rest of your clan feel about it?

  8. It is absolutely lovely and I think the butterflies are delightful. They do add that little something. You have done a wonderful job. I can't wait to here about colors & sources. Congratulations. It is classic elegance.

  9. I stop by and see you from time to time but…and I'm sure it's no surprise…I generally don't have a comment to offer…not being a design guy and stuff. But the thing that resonated with me in this little story was the sublime compliment that you gave Mr. Blandings. I'd say you both are lucky to have each other!

  10. I vowed to take a day of rest on Labor Day, but your outcome makes me want to tackle a project in the home TODAY! Restful color, yet energetic because of the upward movement of the trees and plants!

  11. It is lovely beyond that you teach people how to create great beauty!

    You proved that really anyone with the taste an desire can create a magical , lovely classical dining room!

    Bravo Mrs. Blandings!

    Bravo indeed!

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