Black and White and Green All Over

A few months ago a dealer called and said, “I found some chairs you might like.  I thought I might clean them up myself, but if you want them I’ll sell them to you.”  At first I couldn’t decide if they were better than my old chairs, or just different.  In the end I decided better.

Obviously, they needed to be painted.  The dealer thought they should stay light, as did the landscape designer, but the curtains may have a Miles Redd-inspired ruffle and I thought the sweetness of the room needed to be cut a little bit.  So I preceded to turn my dining room into a work room and, as Mr. Blandings is not me, he didn’t say a peep.  For weeks.

Painting things black I got.  The gold detailing is more vexing than the entire wall project.  Times ten.

Still.  I am determined.

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44 thoughts on “Black and White and Green All Over

  1. Thanks – they are getting there. I do think they need a quick hit of sandpaper. And cushions. Hopefully by Thanksgiving.

  2. I voted for better over different! In another room I could argue for light, but in your dining room I absolutely think black was the way to go. A little bit of visual gravitas.

  3. David – thanks for the second (third, fourth) opinion. I remember your vote, and honestly, it was remarkable how much better they make the room. Are there really, really better chairs? Natch. But for $150 for six, there was a lot to love.

  4. omg, they are gorgeous and so perfect – love the touch of gold. can't wait to see them next to the table. it is such a beautiful room. i was so excited you were showing it again!!!

  5. These are perfectly beautiful chairs. They look very sound too. For $25/chair it's in the top 10 for bargain of the century.

  6. I think black was most definitely the way to go… I am so impressed by the walls, still!! I can't wait to see it all again [just before Thanksgiving]!

  7. Look at what you diiiiid! Genius. And I love being back in your DR again. I remember the cabinet/cupboard you recently transformed into black with gold trim, back then little did you know these chairs were on the here-we-go-again-gilding horizon. I can hardly wait for the Thanksgiving reveal.


  8. Oh, I love them. I paint chairs and lacquer case pieces all of the time. Besides, every room needs some black (or red) to keep it grounded and hot & spicy, My new favorite is very deep Italian green with a black glaze. Your chairs are going to make the chinoiserie walls sizzle. Mary

  9. Mrs. Blandings-
    The chairs look wonderful. I was wondering what kind of paint you used. I've had a little trouble painting things black. Thanks-

  10. I absolutely love what you've done! I hope you'll share your secrets on the gilding as well. Can't wait to see what you've planned for the seats. They really look marvelous against the green walls. Congrats!

  11. Admirable,courageous work on those chairs! Especially the gold detailng.
    You did a marvelous job…If you live anywhere near me I have some chairs….Just kidding, but — wow that's good!

  12. Gorgeous Patricia. The black is the perfect choice with the hand painted walls. The gold trim I can only imagine how vexing. Well worth it though!


    Art by Karena

  13. When I do gold in lines I use a gold leaf paint pen..they work will be amazed at how much easier it is to go on a straight your blog..

  14. The chairs look smashing, Mrs B.
    Now tell us how you managed a steady hand while
    lining them out in gold. Never an easy task…!

  15. I think you did a FABULOUS job!! I love the black and the gold adds the designer sparkle that a dining room needs. Kudos to you! I agree with the 1st dibs assessment.

  16. Spectacular! And WHAT A DEAL on them! MY OH MY!!! Love love love the gilding!!! Can't wait to see how you upholster the seats! Counting the days to the big reveal!!

  17. I love these chairs — very elegant and lovely. But why do we only get 2 armchairs — look how much more stylish they look — why can't we have 6 or 8 armchairs? I always wondered at this custom of the host and hostess taking the comfortable chairs and giving the guests the less comfortable ones. Hmmm.

  18. They look amazing. A little elbow grease and black paint makes everything better. Now what is the fabric for the seats going to be? I can't wait to see the follow update!

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