Happy Thanksgiving

I originally ran this post for Thanksgiving 2009, but these images are worth repeating and are by Oberto Gili so we are quite on topic.  The sentiment remains the same.
Whether your Thanksgiving is filled with sterling and squab
or Cornell and carry-out,
we are wishing you
a very happy Thanksgiving.
All images House and Garden, November 1986; consistently, perpetually delicious photography by Oberto Gili. The silver pieces are French, commissioned for the Portuguese court in the 18th century.
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6 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Paticia!
    A wonderful day to you, Mr.Blandings and the boys!
    Not to forget the pooch!
    Lovely pictures!!

    xoxo Victoria

  2. Oh my Gosh- I have these photos in my files- they have survived 25 years of culling and still inspire wonder when I run across them

  3. Although I LOVE good food a great dinner is always more about the company than the food. Nothing better than having people you love around.

    But then again, setting a table with beautiful serving pieces and tools makes it all extra special. The silver pieces are stunning, and so beautifully portrayed.

    Happy Thanksgiving,


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