More of Less is More (and a Give Away)

Yesterday’s images from Oberto Gili’s new book were delicious and dense.

Today I am giving you a little taste to cleanse your palette before the feast.

Still Gili, still distinct, but with more air.

I know you may have been shopping or cooking or traveling to someone who is shopping and cooking on your behalf, so to soothe the strain I am offering up a copy of Oberto Gili’s Home Sweet Home.

Leave a comment here by Sunday, November 27th and I will announce the winner Monday morning.  Now, think this through.  I must, must, be able to get in touch with you if you win, so you might need to leave your email address in the comment section.  There’s no way around it.

All images courtesy of Rizzoli New York, photography by Oberto Gili.

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79 thoughts on “More of Less is More (and a Give Away)

  1. Until I read your previous post, I have never heard of Oberto Gili. Since then I have been doing my homework because I needed to see more, know more. Amazing talent and fabulous subjects.
    I do not know whether your giveaway extends to people down under but I sure hope it does because, I will just put it out there, this is a book to want.
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Zebras and antlers and tableaux, oh my! What a cornucopia of delight – and unexpected chance at possessing such a rich gift, here enclosed!
    I could hardly believe my eyes at this giveaway!
    My father was an interior-designing whiz, and I really should write about that one day, but I live in a Slavic land on a university salary, so my appetite for such things is restrained, for now, to pictures, which I have always treasured. The interior, mnemonic home in one's mind can be palatial!

  3. Hi Patricia, I love this book, in fact, I crave it. How can one single person can be so incredibly talented…….Sending tons of xoxo for a wonderful Thanksgiving! Mary (

  4. Looks like i will love, love, love this book so thank you for the sneak peaks,

    The spaces /images are certainly beautiful, but what appeals is that it looks like someone actually lives in them, unlike so many of the mag. spreads and books out today.

  5. It makes me want to tear everything out of my house and start again…but great design looks always do that to me. But Gili always encourages me to simplify and to be bold–and that's a good thing. Thanks much and Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Welllll, by Sunday there'll be 200+ faithful possibles all lined up here so I'm gonna say Happy Thanksgiving to The Blandings Clan, and run on over to amazon and acquire this pronto. Post #1 didn't do it for me, but Post #2 "with more air" sealed the deal, happy happy to you Mrs Blandings!


  7. I would very much love to own Mr. Gilli's books, so please enter me for the giveaway. I enjoy your posts so much — always interesting.

  8. I love how the art is such a large part of some of the rather spare interiors and often the few pieces of furniture are their own art.
    You can contact me through my blogger profile. 🙂

  9. Sitting here in Maine watching the snow fall. The images today are in such contrast to my surroundings that I feel refreshed looking at them. Have a happy day and as I count my blessings I count the beauty and kinship spread by bloggers like you as blessings indeed !

  10. Firstly, a very Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

    Oberto Gili's Home Sweet Home looks amazing! By the way, I think that I may have been the Deborah that won the last give-away for the umbrella, but didn't hear anything further …

    Thank you and again, Happy Holidays and Thanksgiving!

    Deborah Hilpert
    5953 Delridge Way SW
    Seattle, WA 98106

  11. Sigh. I can imagine curling up with that tome in the morning sun. And supposedly he doesn't style his photos? That's even better.

    P.S. 'I am such an incredible ding-dong' is one of the best sentences I've read all year. It still cracks me up.

  12. Patricia oh how exciting. I would love this book …Mr. Gili's style and aesthetic is mesmerizing!

    I have been reading a lot since rehabbing!

    Love and Hugs

    Art by Karena

  13. I will be even MORE thankful this weekend if Oberto Gili comes to my bookcase to stay!

    Many thanks to you and to everyone who creates … anything.


  14. The day is done, the family gone, the left-overs tucked snuggly in the frig, and I am able to sit with my music, a glass of Jack and my iPad. Thank you for the images. They motivate me to start again tomorrow.
    Pat at

  15. I have looked at this book on Amazon and wanted to buy it. With so many design tomes being published and limited funds, I am hoping I am the winner of this give-away. If not, hopefully Christmas cash will provide for this. By the way, if you haven't seen or own a copy of Gili's Luxury of Space. Do so. It is amazing!


  16. Thank you, Mrs. Blandings, for introducing me to the most achingly beautiful photographs of Oberto Gili. I would be thrilled to win your giveaway of his book…so sumptously rich with feasts for my eyes.

    Sheila G.

  17. i met gili here in taos several years ago- he was doing a shoot for liz claiborn w/claudia schiffer – miguel flores-vianna was the stylist and met me while looking for locations – i steered them toward a couple of friends with fabulous places which worked out perfectly. to celebrate we all had dinner at the now defunct and divine joseph's table in ranchos. oberto and miguel were both so warm, down to earth and unpretentious! when i later saw photo's of gili's home in italy, it completely reflected the personality of its owner.

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