Out and About – Pear Tree

If you would rather stand barefooted on the cool, textured tile and admire a crisp collection

than empty your purse for a pair of matching shoes

then you are in luck.  Pear Tree Design and Antiques has received their shipment, including the most delightful blue and white porcelain.

Call or stop in:

Pear Tree Design and Antiques
313 East 55th Street

Images, top, Oliver Messel: In the Theatre of Design, edited by Thomas Messel, Rizzoli New York, 2011, photography Derry Moore. The two images bottom are my own; click on them to see them larger.

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14 thoughts on “Out and About – Pear Tree

  1. Beautiful. I do adore Pear Tree Design and Antiques and my dear husband works right around the corner.
    I think a lunch date might need to be scheduled and a trip there.
    Those plates are stunning.

  2. Oh,to go shoeless (not Joe, but, yes, from Hannibal, MO!) Just seeing your name in my Inbox makes me smile. Thank you, Mrs. Blandings. Road Trip!

  3. Blue and white porcelain is so wonderfully timeless. I definitely need to add this to my list of places to visit next time I'm in KC.

  4. Ever since you posted this series I have paged down to it again and again. That first picture of the two chairs and the blue platters on the wall – it is ethereal. The whites which are not white at all against the blue pottery, oh my my my. Takes my breath away – colors and textures that only time can produce.

    The power of decorating is to some degree about novelity. If I were to copy this in one of my rooms, probably after awhile its power would decrease with familarity. I would hate to lose the quite wonder of that picture if I brought it to life in my home. But now I can visit it as often as I like on your website. Many thanks. Ann

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