Patina Style

I missed meeting Brooke Giannetti when I was in Los Angeles a while back.  My schedule was hectic and she was busy with business and children and our paths did not cross.

But I have read her blog, Velvet and Linen, for a long time and I liked her already.

Brooke and her husband, Steve, own Giannetti Home where they offer up interesting antiques and beautiful (and sensible) architecture and design services.  I’ve always enjoyed their aesthetic as it seems so genuine.

I’ve watched Brooke spiff her kitchen, build a chicken coop and become friends with Penelope Biachi (which brings about a little envy.)  And, now she’s written a book, Patina Style.

There is no doubt that the interiors are beautiful, but the bonus is the amount of really helpful advice that you will find here.  Her thoughts on paint are worth the price of admission alone, but there are also great sections on using architectural salvage, furniture placement and display.

If you like things that show a little bit of the life they’ve lived, you’ll love Patina Style.

Images, courtesy of Brooke Giannetti, photography by Lisa Romerein except the last which is Steve Giannetti.
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12 thoughts on “Patina Style

  1. Their aesthetic does seem genuine. Also comfortable and attainable. They make it look very easy when we all know its not. I should probably pick this up.

  2. Thank you so much Patricia!
    I've followed Mrs. B for so long that I feel as if we have met in person, but we do keep missing each other, don't we?
    It's an honor to see Patina Style here.
    Oh, and next time you are in CA, I'm taking you to Penny's. This is long over due!

    Thank you again!


  3. As with the utility sink, to consider your specific needs before picking the sink and faucet combination. Also ensure that the plumbing you require is both possible and practical.

  4. I enjoyed their book, especially the comments on color and paint. I thought of you when they mentioned Farrow & Ball paints! I love the pale pink bathroom the best.

  5. I have (and love) the book, Patina Style. The photography of such beautiful objects and rooms that display 'patina' definitely warms the heart.

  6. Hi there!

    Brooke's invitation comes from me too!

    What a lovely post! And Brooke and Steve are the "real deal" wonderfully talented collaborators……

    as well as great parents…..great dog-owners…….and (these are rare…..great chicken-keepers!!!)

    Please come visit us in Santa Barbara….Ojai is closer… have an open invitation…..any time you want!!!

    (If I am here……and, I can tell you; we rarely leave!!!)

  7. So thrilled to see Brooke and Patina Style mentioned on your blog. She, and lovely Penelope Bianchi as well, were so very kind to us as we were getting the blog up and running at J&G. One of my favorite things about blogging has been meeting people who are so wildly talented, and also so genuinely sweet and generous. Sometimes I get a comment that truly makes my day when I need it the most. You are always spot on. Thanks for the wonderful post!

  8. Where does one find the wall fixture in the photo (Giannetti Home)?
    I've written comments and questions here several times. You have never replied. What is the point of showing all the pictures if there is no way of getting further information about details?
    If you get permission to publish photos taken by others, I am sure they must expect something in return. What do you give?
    Why do you do this blog? Lots of pretty pictures, but no helpful information as far as I can see.

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