2011 Inspiration – Take It Where You Find It

Not all my inspiration for 2011 came from magazines.  The Wall Street Journal’s Off Duty and Magazine have both provided loads of entertainment.  This particular piece by Timothy Corrigan inspired the ceiling color, Farrow and Ball Cream (No. 44), in Bill’s den.  You can see the article here.

Richard Mishaan’s Phillip-Jeffries paper at Kips Bay Show House sparked a project for the front hall.

And, I am obsessed with the Giacometti lamps in Frances Elkins’s projects.  These in particular.  Obsessed.  Stephen Salny’s book is available here.

Paris was a great influence, but the color of the limestone was very sticky; I can’t shake it.

And, Mad Men, which I began watching this time last year (shut up in my room in the dark with my iPad for hours.)  What jumped?

Jon Hamm?  Too obvious.  Sterling Cooper’s office door color.  Could not get enough.

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8 thoughts on “2011 Inspiration – Take It Where You Find It

  1. Hi Patricia, I loved your 2011 posts. But the Mad Men set is super–I've sold quite a bit of "stuff" to the set designers for Mad Men; so I think there is a conflict of interest in my decision making. Have a wonderful 2012-I know that it is going to be a bumper year for all of us in the design field. Mary

  2. The first image is a wonderful room, I've been dreaming lately, after watching a lot of Hercule Poirot, of a room that color, it can be the perfect background for almost any other color, a green that is somehow neutral.

  3. I, too, have been greatly influenced by the wonderful furnishings and decorations of Musee Nissim de Camondo, shown in the first picture. I particularly love the tole shades on the chandeliers.

  4. I like Don Draper's new office better than the old one.

    Just finished Season 4 and have withdrawals. Can't wait for Season 5. I understand that it will end with Season 7 and that this will be some time in the 1970's so we'll be seeing Don Draper with muttonchops and flares.

    I think that overall, my favourite character is Peggy.

  5. You, upstairs alone in the dark, watching your iPad for hours without interruption, how you managed this trick with four men in the house I'll never know, genius.

    Happy New Year!


  6. How FAB indeed it is to turn the page or the corner and find inspiration from some many sources.
    ¡¡Felíz Año Nuevo dahhhling!!

  7. Love them and it seems an attentive eye finds inspiration in the details of everyday life 🙂 And I too just saw Mad Men and am finally caught up via the ipad!

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