2011 Top Ten – One Thru Five

Elle Decor, December 2010/January 2011, Rusty and Mary Lynn Turner’s Idaho home of her design,
photography Miguel Flores-Vianna

I have done year end lists now and again, though last year I did not.  (Did not stitch ornaments, did not send out holiday cards, did not, did not, did not.)

House Beautiful, May 2011, Atlanta designer, Stan Topol’s office,
photography Thomas Loof

I don’t mean to imply that these are better or worse than any other, but they meant something to me.

World of Interiors, May 2011, Eileen Gray’s apartment, photography Roland Beaufre

It was a very structured and orderly process, if you consider sitting amidst a pile of magazines with a pad of sticky notes structured and orderly.

Architectural Digest, July 2011, Philadelphia townhouse design by Thomas Jayne,
photography Pieter Estersohn

Don’t look too hard for a common theme.

House Beautiful, July/August 2011, Rebecca Phillips’s Brooklyn apartment, design by Nick Olsen
photography Bjorn Wallander

They meant something to me.

Coincidentally there were ten rooms.  I’ve drawn specific inspiration from all of them, but they appeal in the big picture as well.  Six through ten tomorrow.

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12 thoughts on “2011 Top Ten – One Thru Five

  1. Interesting to see the green paint on the door in the last image. Doors are getting so much more interesting these days!

  2. I am going through the same process, going through my European magazines, design books…I really need to be merciless as my bookshelves are totally overcrowded.
    Loved the Eileen Gray space!
    Happy new year!

  3. Favorites= Eileen Gray's apartment and that gorgeous dining room mixing baroque chairs with the sapphire lacquered table and the outstanding Italian Neoclassical commode thrown in. Can't wait for the next bunch. Mary

  4. All beautiful but I was also particularly fond of the first. I know if our ski shack looked like that I would somehow be better on the slopes!!

  5. All wonderful; I adore the rattan chairs and side tables in Stan Topol's office and Thomas Jayne's townhouse was SO memorable. And wow, the kelly-green trim in Rebecca Phillips's apartment – just so fresh!

  6. "Did not, did not, did not . . ." What is the difference between last year and this year for you?

    Love your top ten list. Ann

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