2011 Top Ten – Six thru Ten

Veranda, July/August 2011, Lyford Cay home, design by Andrew Raquet,
photography Max Kim-Bee

As I said yesterday, don’t over-think it.

Elle Decor September 2011, Lynn Nesbit’s NY apartment, design by Coleman and Brockschmidt,
photography William Waldron

A little black and white.  A flash of gold.  Bare floors.

Veranda, October 2011, antique dealer Jean-Phillipe Demeyer’s Belgian home of his own design,
 photography Miguel Flores-Vianna

Rich color.

Architectural Digest, January 2011, design by Windsor Smith,
photography Erhard Pfeiffer
Books.  A little Chinoiserie.
Elle Decor, December 2011, Fabrizio Rollo’s apartment of his own design,
photography Eric Piasecki

Mirror.    And all that personal jumbly goodness that says someone lives here.

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4 thoughts on “2011 Top Ten – Six thru Ten

  1. Every room has something I love. The suzani in Just the right colors, the enfilade with black and white diamond patterned floor! The star lighting.

    Great eye always Patricia!

    Art by Karena

  2. I think that you have been mind-reading!! All of these rooms are on my list, with the exception of the last one (a bit too confusing for me). Have a wonderful New Year's week-end. Blessings for 2012. Mary

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