DIY Hell

Did I mention that I’ve created a little DIY hell for myself over here?  Math.  Measuring.  And beyond that, I’ve bought my children no fewer than one hundred and fifty (give or take) rulers and the only one I can find is blue, with nearly illegible numbers and a three hole punch.

What’s that?  Christmas?  Oh, heavens, there’s plenty of time.

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36 thoughts on “DIY Hell

  1. Oh honey… i was about to do the same thing with my floors. I am thinking much larger diamonds though. Now maybe even bigger. *gulp*. You've got me wringing my hands.

  2. I LOVE IT!
    How are you doing this? Paint? Pens?
    Tell us how.

    Glad to know that you like to start projects right around the holidays as well. Seems like all of my best DIY at home projects are around this time of year…

  3. Lex – bigger diamonds would be a million times easier – I did that in a nursery once. Plus, you won't have to go around corners like you do on a wall. Go, girl!

    Linda – all the details later, but you are spot on. And, thanks!

    Grant – Thank you! Gold Sharpie paint pen – which is nothing short of miraculous. Stay tuned.

  4. Love this, did this exact same thing in my foyer 13 years ago, loved the wallpaper I had seen in a magazine but my decorating budget had been blown after building house, so I did same thing, only larger diamonds:
    see picture here:–MyHome/P1010046x.jpg

    Then a few years later decided to paint my kitchen floor too, had to wait until DH was away, since he couldn't imagine painting perfectly good "new" oak floors–see picture here, but I still love it.–MyHome/P5070001xx.jpg Decorating is a little dated now, but lots of it was DIY

  5. Goodness, how insanely clever of you. I'm assuming it's a hallway, and the reflection of the lantern will make it interesting – it already does.

  6. I love the vicarious rush I get when watching your projects develop…I think that they have rulers at the drug store. Good Luck. Mary

  7. Now didn't your Mama teach you not to draw on the walls?

    Excuse me, while I go pretend to begin my latest DIY — new draperies for the dining room and the pink guest room … BEFORE Christmas.

    Why do we do it to ourselves?
    PS Rulers, scissors and ballpoint pens do not survive long in any house with children. Buy stock in those companies.

  8. Wow! I've done all kinds of stripes, but never have had the courage to do this!! Glad to know others begin crazy projects at the worse possible times. Good Luck!!
    Looking forward to seeing the finished project.

  9. Hi! You are very brave doing this now – right before Christmas. Sounds like something I would do – and did. 3 years ago I did my entryway with larger harlequin diamonds (which made it easier for me). I started with creating a large diamond on brown craft paper first and I made about 4 or 5 before I got the right size (I wanted 4 equal sized diamonds vertically). After I got that measurement right – the rest was a little easier. I made my life more difficult by doing alternating diamonds in Venetian Plaster and LusterStone Plaster. More work – but it came out beautifully. You can see a recent blogpost I did on Venetian Plaster – and see my entryway – if you visit my blog. Good Luck!!!


  10. Oh the pattern looks divine! you are so undaunted. Can't wait to see finished product. Great Job.

  11. it looks great! I thought it was in a bathroom. this is HUGE. You realize, doing this before xmas means you're trying to distract yourself from reality. There are simpler ways, that don't include math….like wine.

  12. Most break-ups happen right around the holidays, so I'm not surprised. I knew you and White Walls wouldn't last. 😉

  13. I would draw a line down the corner intersection to compensate for the walls not being exactly plumb (but you are probably planning that anyway).


  14. Jason – I wasn't, but it is an excellent suggestion – thank you.

    It is the entry and the box is the mail drop. Sadly, my mother somewhat encouraged drawing on walls so I have never learned my lesson. As for wallpaper, yes there is, but not quite this (oddly), and for much more money and not nearly as washable. I think this will be a good long term solution. And, here I stress the word long.

    Will be checking links to other projects shortly – thanks so much for sharing them.

  15. DIY hell, maybe, but COMPLETELY worth it. I once painted a checkerboard floor in a closet because I didn't have the gumption to paint the whole room's floor. Wish I had! I'm really enjoying your DIY inspiration/cautionary tales.

  16. 50% Talent
    50% Crazy
    Would you say this is an accurate portrayal of what's going on here? (Using your newly sharpened mathematical skills…)
    Bravo! Cheers! I'm thoroughly impressed!

  17. It will be the envy of everyone once finished. Similar to Jason, I was going to suggest a one inch border top and bottom and in the corners. But that would mess up your perfect pointy diamond tops and bottoms.

    cherill w
    adelaide, south australia

  18. Ohhh, now my middled aged eyes, spy the conundrum…the corner, of course! How about a well placed umbrella stand, overflowing with umbrellas, tennis racquets and lax sticks???

  19. Hahaha, you had me really cracking up! I must agree it looks like a very meticulous job there, but the end product will look amazing and it would have all been worth it.
    PS: Stop by, I am having a great Christmas giveaway!


  20. So funny, and I have gotten myself into pickles like this too wondering what the heck I was thinking!!!!! However this looks like its coming along beautifully, seriously I think if you "hang in there" you will end up with a gorgeous result and you can beam with pride knowing it was ALL YOU!!!!!!!!

  21. It will be worth it – it's beautiful. So strange that I've been designing a cowl necked short sleeved sweater (in pink, natch) with this same pattern. Great, overly ambitious minds…

  22. I love the size of diamond you choose. It looks fantastic. You didn't mention what you were going to do with the wall. Leave it? Paint it? Very lovely!! You inspire us all! Meranda

  23. Can't begin to tell you how impressed I am. The corner match alone is inspiring. However just thinking about the math involved is making my head hurt. It is going to be gorgeous.

  24. Great project- can't wait to see the results! Just about to start coercing Jennings to help with a similar mathematical odyssey on my foyer floor. Your bravery fortifies my resolve.

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