The Morning After

The dinner turned out just fine with no major mishaps.  The stand-out dish without a doubt was the Triple-Layer Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting which you can find here.  I did, as the recipe says, grate the carrots on the smallest side of a box grater.  I did not have a comparable attachment for my food processor and I believe that it made all the difference.  The consistency of the carrots post-grating was similar to canned pumpkin, so the cake was incredibly smooth and rich.  The recipe says that 1lb. of carrots will equal about three cups.  This is a complete and total bold faced lie, or was in my case; I needed 2lbs.  Carrot cake in my book is only a vehicle for cream cheese frosting anyway, so the extra layer made it a total home run.  I had it for breakfast the next day.

We copied the Brussels sprout salad from a dish that we had at the Mixx here in Kansas City.  You can vary it to your taste, sprouts, arugula, cranberries, almonds, bacon*, shaved parmesan with honey mustard dressing.  The Brussels sprouts are raw.  Yep, raw and delicious.  Trim the bottom and separate so they are basically leaves.  Bill did julienne (right?) them a little.  I’d be careful with the sprout/arugula ratio as ours seemed a little arugula heavy.  Better yet, eat in or carry out from the Mixx.

*Mr. Sulzberger, you are welcome to order yours without bacon.

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8 thoughts on “The Morning After

  1. Mmmmm Your carrot cake looks delish! I agree with your statement regarding cream cheese frosting Patricia.

    Art by Karena

  2. Anything with arugula, I adore including Brussel sprouts. The Mixx recipe sounds perfect. I usually sautée bacon until crisp and then add sprout leaves [separated the same way] and mix-in until bright green, and then add a tiny bit of white wine vinegar. I love the idea of eating raw leaves in this recipe. ; )

  3. Hi Patricia, The carrot cake (my favorite) looks divine–what is your recipe for the frosting? Why would anyone doubt that cream cheese frosting is the best part of the cake?/ Thanks. Mary

  4. That cake simply jumps off the page and onto my waistline, but hey it's virtual, right? Sounds like a great dinner. Share the rest of the menu if you will.

    I have also found that one needs more grated carrots than the cake receipe generally calls for. Now tell us how bruised your hand is from all that grating.

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