Progress Report

We are in flux.  I’m offering a quick update on Dexter.  He is big.  In fact, the boys are delighted as I call him a “big galoot” (“galute” is also an accepted spelling) and they think I have made up this word.  Dexter, in his current state, could inspire the creation of the word “galoot.”  He lumbers and lopes (when he is not running and leaping) and often bumps into things.  He is ten months and Bill keeps saying, “I think he’s finished growing,” but his feet still seem too large for his (big) body and his ears are overly floppy, often backwards as a result of exuberance.  I used to hold him while I worked and he doesn’t seem to realize that he’s rather outgrown this.  He drapes himself across my lap and rests his chin on my desk.   Remember, he was the runt.  I adore him.  He is soulful and I feel sure that he will be a noble beast.  Currently, in flux.

The chairs are back, but I have ordered a round table and now it needs a cloth.  Flux.

I’ve made progress on the hallway, but still have about half of this stretch to finish.  Flux.

And I am adding lamps here and there, though there is still a cavernous dark spot in the back of the living room.  Every time we entertain I drag lamps from the bedroom in there and think, “By the next dinner….”  These are for the hall and await their shades.  Flux.

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24 thoughts on “Progress Report

  1. Dexter has a very noble look–he loves his MOM. And I love those chairs! As regards "flux": meaning that we are growing and alive and creating–flux is good. Be well. Mary

  2. Hi Patricia,I just had to write you about Dexter. I have had Boxers for over 30 years and I have to say he will be a big galute till he is about 2, after that he will grow into the Noble Boxer he was born to be. He is as tall as he is going to get but he will now start to fill out and with that he will slow down some. He is very handsome and from what you said, has the true Boxer spirit. Joy

  3. I just love the "around the house" posts. Everything is looking dreamy.Could we see the exterior of the new dream house? Beautiful dog!

  4. I see what you mean about Dexter's noble quality. My eyes went right to his face and Winston Churchill sprang to mind (no disrespect to either party intended).

  5. Dexter looks quite regal posing for his portrait, his collar color matching the chair color so well. Perhaps he will soon be needing a "chair and a half".

    Would you share the name of the blue fabric? It's lovely.

  6. It will be good news if he is as tall as he is going to get and will only fill out now. We do have another Boxer, but she is petite. And something of a debutante in personality. If Dexter looks squished, this is the reason Bill thinks we need a daybed there; he mentions that I spoil the dog. Hmmm….

    Oh, my goodness, the fabric on that chair. It was Osborne and Little from one million and fifty years ago. I do not have the info, but I would be surprised if it is still available.

  7. Thank you so much for the Dexter update…he is SO very handsome! We adopted a boxer a year ago and have fallen in love with her and the breed! Stella is just 60 lbs. and I'm told that is small for a boxer. She is also a brindle and her markings make her look like a tiger. Love Dexter's expression and the flipped back ears cracked me up!

    Your house is coming along beautifully.

    Hugs to Dexter from Stella in Houston.

  8. One more lamp huh? Do you need a rather large vintage Marbro? Chinoiserie, chrysanthemums, beautiful condition. I'd pull it off eBay and make you an obscenely good deal.

    And how handsome is Dexter!

    Things are looking good, even in flux.

  9. Hi there! Life is "flux"! Decorating is "flux"

    "Flux" is what happens when you are making other plans! (wait……was that a Beatles song?" Flux is life!

    Love those dining room walls. The dog is divine. Everything is so much better with a dog.

  10. "Dogs are people too" and they deserve just as much love as our homes do. They take about as much work, between the walks, the trips to the vets and the memories they create via the terms of endearments.
    Names mean so much. Dexter is now "Galut" to me.
    I would love to silver leaf your foyer ceiling or paint it the palest shade of sky blue. I love to add more what I call "yo-yo" to one's life.

  11. Oh my 100 lb lab curls up in a tufted armchair in our living room in a similar position. He was also the runt and my husband thought he was buying a small lab. He is now almost five and still prances like a pup.

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