Eames on Screen

I took my oldest son to see Eames; The Architect and The Painter last night and we both loved it.  If you need a dose of passion and creativity you might enjoy it, too.  Screening locations and DVD purchase available here.

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11 thoughts on “Eames on Screen

  1. The best part of the whole thing is the tender way Ray's personality is fleshed out in this documentary. She was far more integral to the success of the Eames brand than most people realize, and didn't get the respect she deserved at the time.

  2. I watched this, per your recommendation, on Friday via Netflix. It was wonderful. Such a remarkable pair. And, oh, my goodness, was great work!

  3. patricia-

    Interesting that you should mention this film.
    I was just given a copy of the whole set by…
    She is the grand-daugher of Charles and Ray.
    llisa is delightful…in her forties I'm guessing…and bright and energetic and super nice and lovely.
    She gave us some really wonderful insights (I was presenting a design seminar and in conversation with her)..She lives in Northern California.
    She noted aht Charles's father was a detective (and killed int he line of duty..) and that both of them had early childhood tragedies…and no 'golden life' as Llisa said. Still they sound like fantastic grandparents…and she is talented and wonderful.
    I can't wait to see the film now…
    thanks for mentioning (and doesn't Ray look like a little dumpling in the image on the cover…but cheerful and nice).
    very best, DIANE

  4. Ray Eames has been a mentor since I was started design school in 1975. I have just reserved this film from the library! Thank you for the review and the poke to remind me that it is available on DVD.

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