The Joy of Mrs. Howard

Other than Brooke Shields and Phoebe Cates, I was never aware of models by name.  Not until I lived with three cheerleaders in college was I introduced to the concept of “super model.”  I came into decorating the same way.  I read and I tore and I saved, but it took a while for me to begin to recognize designers.  That mirror, above, did it for me with Phoebe Howard.

From a long ago Southern Accents feature, that mirror introduced me to the world of Mrs. Howard, Phoebe’s shop, and the amazing work that she and her husband, Jim, both do.

It’s a world of casual elegance, of relaxed refinement.  Many people seem to be yearning for pretty rooms, uncomplicated beautiful spaces.

Phoebe’s work combines a traditional foundation with an understanding that we have evolved; mid-century tables, fresh fabrics and contemporary art co-exist beautifully in her spaces.

And now we don’t have to wait and hope for a magazine feature.  Phoebe has published a new book, The Joy of Decorating; Southern Style with Mrs. Howard and she is offering Mrs. Blandings’s readers a discount.

If you buy the book from her site HERE and enter the code MBJOD you will receive the book, normally $50 at 20% off (that’s $40 for the math-challenged.)

Another bonus for ordering from the site is that you will receive a prize.  Included with the book will be Mrs. Howard’s Favorite Paint Colors, which is a handy little supplement organized by palette for wall, ceiling and trim.

All images courtesy of Mrs. Howard.

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10 thoughts on “The Joy of Mrs. Howard

  1. I'm so excited, we're going to be chatting with her on The Skirted Round Table. Their work is always, just simply beautiful.

  2. I was loading your blog and Cote de Texas at the same time.

    I started reading the blog that popped up first…yours….but I thought it was Cote de Texas. I thought wow…Joni has sure changed her design style love.

    Quite funny when I realized I was looking at your blog.

    Enjoyed the pics and how Mrs. Howards colors are put together.

    This is just a throw away comment, really – but it made me laugh.

    It is like I was talking to two different friends and was getting mixed up who was whom.

    Best –


  3. I NEVER buy design books off the shelf at a bookstore. They typically go on my wish list for a few months (years?) before I decide to make the investment for my collection. But I picked up this book and I was hooked and paid full price. Based on previous pics I'd seen, I wasn't even a huge fan of the author/designer, but the book is great, and I am a convert.

  4. a dear friend used to work in Mrs. Howard's flagship store in Jacksonville years ago. Loved stopping by the shop while there visiting…perfectly curated

  5. I love your blog … the first picture looks amazing, I love to have a room in my house .. so I really would like my home to look like the images

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