Hello, My Name Is…

We met a couple of weeks ago.  We were both at the River Market Antique Mall and I passed her idling in a booth at the top of the stair on the second floor.  We said “hello,” though I was in a rush and moved on without exchanging pleasantries.  
She made an impression.  Well-built, stable, but a little wobbly under pressure, I thought we might have  a few things in common.  When I returned home from vacation I went back and asked her if she’d like to stay with us for a while.  She said yes; she has an adventurous spirit.  I paid her back rent, twenty-four dollars, and brought her home to meet the boys.  They think she is swell.
Ready for a fresh start, wanting to put her past behind her, she’s looking for a new name.  We are open to suggestions.

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31 thoughts on “Hello, My Name Is…

  1. She is a keeper….and when my brain finally stops thinking of yet another name and another and settles on one I'll let you know. In the meantime I'm glad you brought her home and shared her!

  2. Milly; she looks thoroughly modern. But when she's naughty, as she is sure to be when the boys are around (something always slips when boys are around), she can be Mill the Pill or just Mil-Pil. How nice you've added a girly-girl to the family!

  3. Clarice. And don't ask me why, 'cause I don't know.
    If she ever gets bored at your house, she's welcome here in New Jersey.

    Love her.

  4. What a grand addition to your household. In CA she would announce earthquakes. Madame Quakes. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  5. She looks like she's made of pasta, the thin kind that comes in little nests; strong and determined she fled the bowl and willed herself upright and even though she's looking for a new start, she's proud of where she's been, so she wants you to call her Fideo in honor of her noodle family heritage.


  6. How about Audrey (ala Hepburn)? she is hip yet classic; gamine yet feminine; adventurous yet still a little tentative; confident yet just a tad shy….

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