To the Point

“People sacrifice for the iPhone.  But does anyone think, ‘I’m going to take my whole budget and buy a Lobmeyr glass and drink my orange juice every day from rock crystal so I feel nuanced and privileged – and my guests can sit on the floor.’?”  Murray Moss in the WSJ here.

Image via Moss.  This glass is Lobmeyr, though not a juice glass, obviously.  I like to pitch traffic to the source of inspiration when I can and this was the best glass there for here.  Also, it’s name is Patrician, which seemed appropriate, and it is a beer glass and there was a time when beer and I hung out together quite a bit.

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19 thoughts on “To the Point

  1. I do admire collectors and thin glass. Moss is a wonderful site with style and nuances that do elevate the ordinary.

  2. Sometimes, the purchase is worth any price. I spent many years of married life (35 this summer) using generic, "a la Tarja" 12-in-a-set-in-a-box wine glasses. Then, two years ago, in a little antique shop, I came across two and only two handblown, heavy, blue-bowled, clear-stemmed goblets. The blues are ever so slightly different, as are the shapes of the bowls-they are handmade, after all. I fell instantly in love and bought them even though they cost more than several of the 12-in-a-set-in-a-box. We still use the 12ers when we have guests, but the goblets are for my husband and myself. I love them.

  3. One man's treasure as they say….I suppose we all have our versions of the Lobmeyr…..mine? Freshly made bed with crisp white sheets just ironed. Fresh flowers. A clean house. It does not need to be expensive, it just has to be done, to make me feel privileged.

  4. Loved this piece!! And every time I go to the Cooper Hewitt museum store, I linger in front of the Lobmeyr case longingly!

  5. What a gorgeous, patrician beer glass!
    Being German, I can't help myself thinking:
    Two blondes were hanging out together at the bar…
    (In Germany a light beer is called a blonde…)

  6. Ahhh, that fine thin rim…reminding me of the gratitude I feel for my dear mother-in-law who taught me the tactile pleasure of a thin crystal rim, the mouthfeel of sterling (every day, not just special occasions), a cheek resting on down pillows with starched pillowcases, the solid, warm lump of a small child nestled in your lap, listening attentively to a real-live spoken "once-upon-a-time-when-I-was-a-little-girl" story. Those are the simple pleasures taught to me by a fine woman who grew up on a cattle farm in the hills of Missouri. Thank you, Mrs. Blandings, for reminding me to be appreciative today. I'm heading to the china cupboard to retrieve a crystal goblet for my orange juice and then I'm calling Mrs. P.

  7. beautiful glass and great quote. My friends always wonder why I have outdated technology -I just choose to spend my money elsewhere on things that matter to me. Less transient things; Iphones come and go but a great juice glass is forever (or until it breaks)

  8. i covet the lobmeyr candy dish…and at over $1000 i shall only be able to afford M & M's to fill it up.

    it's my 10 year anniversary this year…my sister in law got diamond earrings for hers..i want the candy dish.

    life will be perfect!

    adjective |ˈpərfikt|
    1 having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be

  9. As beautiful as crystal stemware is, for those who live in earthquake country (and the trembler that we had yesterday served as a reminder), it's a luxury that's low on the priority list for us. One good shaker and it's all in pieces. Sigh… But thank you for sharing it so we can live vicariously!

  10. Great post, made me smile. Jennings doesn't even own a cell phone, but would, I suspect, spend his last dime on a beautiful crystal goblet, or a garden plant.

  11. A half dozen or so years ago, in a moment of flush and spendthrift excitement, I spent an ungodly sum on a set of 12 antique cut crystal tumblers. To this day I am astonished how much I paid for them, but I do love them so, particularly late at night with one filled with a swirl of scotch and ice cubes. They are gorgeous! RD

  12. That is one stunning glass.

    It reminds me of the Edith Wharton quote about people cluttering up her rooms and them never being more beautiful than when they were empty. In other words, it is all about the stuff – forget the people.

    I feel this way a lot. And I feel bad about that.

    This glass would make me awfully happy tho'.

    xo Terri

  13. Such a gorgeous glass. We would be without chairs to have those too. O to feel nuanced and privileged.
    xo E + J

  14. I'm all for starting the day with the best glasses you have. In fact, I unwrapped a treasure of thin crystal glasses that belonged to my great-grandmother (had been sitting in the attic for 6 years before we tore it down recently) and since it's not a complete set and they are the perfect size for little boys….I pour their morning OJ in them. Why not, right?

  15. Thank you for my favorite new saying…, description……

    one of your commenters….


    that is the "GREATEST"!

    I will never forget it! And I will make sure we HAVE it!

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