Bracelets I Cannot Afford, an on-going and (I think) entertaining series.

If I cannot commit to a pair of shoes (and I cannot) then I don’t think you should have to look at them for a week (not that you would, but you know what I mean.)  As life often/sometimes/occasionally delivers what one needs, this really terrific mid-century bracelet landed in my in-box on Friday.  18k, bi-colored (I love a girl who can’t make up her mind) curblink bracelet.  Could she co-exist with my double-wrap clinky link?  We will likely never know, but you can visit her and her cousins at dk farnum.  Don’t be deterred by their construction sign – there’s lots of good stuff under “collection.”

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8 thoughts on “Bracelets I Cannot Afford, an on-going and (I think) entertaining series.

  1. so you! I hope you find a chunky bracelet like that in your travels if this one….if this one does not make it home with you!

  2. Soon after I read your column about your double-wrap clinky link, I found, in my late mother's jewelry, a necklace of white gold ropey links interspersed by yellow gold plain links. I wear it often as you do yours, clinking around my left wrist-thank you for the inspiration!

  3. Patricia this is a gorgeous statement piece! I have come to love bracelets more than ever; however am afraid to go and look at the price! DK Farnum does have exquisite jewelry!

    Art by Karena

  4. I love this series–I am a closet jewelry addict. Jewelry was my first love –before art and furniture. So you are doing your part to keep me in the loop. Thanks. Mary

  5. i love the idea for this series. i too have my ever growing list of cannot afford bracelets. top of the list are the jeweled maltese cross bracelets by verdura. coco chanel used to wear them. i see them sometimes on 1st dibs and my dreaming begins again!!!!!!

  6. I have sold these bracelets-They are called "Tank Track" and were popular during the Second World War- The pretty platinum jewels of the 30"s looked out of place with the man tailored suits of the war years- the multi color gold was a way of injecting style into what would otherwise be just a gold bracelet- many were very light weight and in 14 karat gold and just didn't survive-

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