High Point

I am heading to High Point on Sunday and went shopping for shoes today.  This is what I came home with.  “Do you think these are too high for me?” I asked my eldest.  I’m a little over 5’8″ and the heels are six inches.  “They’re not that high and they’re wedges, so they should be o.k.”  “How do you know they’re ‘wedges’?”  “I do know girls.”  “And you talk about shoes?”  “No, they talk about shoes around me.”  “Oh.  Well, since they have a platform, they’re really comfortable.”  “Yeah.  I know.”  “You’re kidding right?” And he ducked his head, shaking it from side to side and looked up from under raised his eyebrows, “Not kidding.”  He seems as mystified as I about his baptism into the world of women.

It’s my first trip to High Point and even I know these are not the shoes for working, but might be good shoes for playing.  I plan on doing plenty of both.  If I’m posting next week it will be a miracle.  If I’m not on crutches next week, that might be a miracle as well.  If you think you see me at Market, please say, “hi.”

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21 thoughts on “High Point

  1. Nice shoes. I am your age and am wondering with what you will be wearing them. I am always looking for ideas.


  2. The sensible and stylish lady who wore Toms through Paris had a moment of whimsey! I suggest you buy a second pair that are just as high and stylish but that have a flexible sole and you'll wear them all day!

  3. I will be there a few times, I hope we cross paths, I will be sure to say hello. Enjoy your time there.

  4. I wrote a response to this post, and I think my gmail might have logged off after I attempted to post – the annoying side effect of multiple accounts.

    I am not able to make it to High Point this April, but I was there last year and it was both entertaining and exhausting. Good walking shoes are important. I spent more time outside than I anticipated due to the fact that many of the interesting showrooms are not in the main building. I was happy to have sunscreen, a sun hat, and sun glasses (as a fair skinned red head, these are always part of my standard attire!).

    One other thing that is not apparent for first timers – most of the hotels are 20-30 minutes away, and often there is not time to pop back into the hotel to get changed, refreshed, and reorganized. I ended up wearing the same outfit to the evening events and parties. Luckily my outfit was acceptable, but it was not an ideal situation after walking around all day – and I recall that we were having a mini heat wave during the High Point market last year! The weather seems to be a bit more temperate this year.

    Have fun-

  5. Be comfortable during the day so you will be outstanding (your height + shoes will help!) at night. Having had both a c-section and foot surgery, the foot surgery was waaaaaaaaayyyyyyy worse!

    ps elder son sounds delightful.

  6. I wish I had the nerve to even try on that high of heel! I'll be in my little flat black sandals, and probably too tired by evening to change into something cute.
    Hope to see you there, I will definitely say "Hello". Will you be wondering around or in a particular place?


  7. Hi Patricia, Those are great shoes, except for maybe all of that walking–but then, I guess you could just take them off and go barefoot. Have a blast. Mary

  8. Love these! Please consider trotting them by Atomic Playrooms / Funner than Furniture in the Made in America pavilion and say hi to Atlas the (amazing) robot bookshelf. Hope to see you there!

  9. Love these! Please consider trotting them by Atomic Playrooms / Funner than Furniture in the Made in America pavilion and say hi to Atlas the (amazing) robot bookshelf. Hope to see you there!

  10. Enjoy High Point and don't let bloggers talk you out of the fun and excitement because of sun, sweat, walks and long hours. What were they expecting, limo services?

    Frankly, don't know how non wholesale/retail patrons get in. I am surprised that a design blogger can get credentials when they have nothing to sell but opinions. I will make my application next year and fake credentials like so many in blogland.

  11. I love your shoe story – what a riot! Your son sounds like quite the boy.
    Have fun – I am so jealous (of both the shoes and High Point)
    xo Terri

  12. Wow, those are really great shoes. The last time I wore platforms I fell off. Of the shoes. I don't know how they caught felons in those things on Charlie's Angels because I wasn't leaping about or even walking. I was standing. Thankfully, I was alone at the time because it had all the subtlety of a cartoon fall. Good luck and have fun!

  13. Firstly, I want to say that I love your blog, as do so many others. This is why you get invited to market, because great blogs influence people and the vendors know that…frankly.

    Secondly, when I saw your shoes I was reminded of what we always say when we see people at market in high heels, "Oh, it must be her first time." I hope you had fun and didn't suffer too much. 😉

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