Cover Girl

I’ve been to Zim Loy’s house loads of times.  I’ve been there for large, catered holiday parties and I’ve been there for small, casual weeknight dinners.

Zim is my editor at Spaces Kansas City magazine and the first time I was in her house I was a new to the line-up.  And I was a little nervous.  For about four minutes.  Four minutes was about as long as it took to point me in the direction of the spot to drop my coat and to put a drink in my hand.  As all good hostesses do, she attracts a lively crowd.

And now you’ve been invited to Zim’s, too.  Her new house is on the cover of the June issue of House Beautiful.  I’ve shared a few images here, but there is more to see inside and her DIY advice is pretty handy as well.  On newsstands pretty darn soon or hopefully dropping in your mailbox as we speak.

All images courtesy of House Beautiful, June 2012; photography Jonny Valiant.

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12 thoughts on “Cover Girl

  1. Congratulations to our Kansas City own Zim; so talented a woman and with such great taste!

    Art by Karena

  2. Zim's house is truly lovely. She hosted a wonderful event for a charity I hold very dear and her ability to make everyone feel welcome was amazing. How wonderful for her to not only edit a great magazine, she is being featured by one as well.

    Well done.

  3. I've been to a party there too and have never gotten over the intense green room with the silky purple curtains which took my breath away! Congrats to Zim, KCSPACES, and to Kansas City.

  4. What a tease! OK. Tomorrow morning, Killer Cat & I will be waiting by the mailbox and that darling postal carrier better PRODUCE!

  5. Will look forward to seeing.

    I'm a subscriber but my copy always arrive many many days after I see the mag on the newstands… a pet peeve of mine.

    Oh well!

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