Enduring Landscape

I don’t think I’ve been shy about my indifference toward the outdoors.

But I did like being outside here.

The gardens at Philbrook (then Villa Philbrook) were designed by Kansas City landscape designers Hare and Hare, who planned a great deal of the Country Club District, the Plaza and much of our park systems here in town, as well as many national projects.

I climbed those steps and sat, looking back up at the house, both as a kid and again last week.

My mother did not bring me here, and if I visited with a school group I have no memory of it.  So often we do find what we need.

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11 thoughts on “Enduring Landscape

  1. Have loved the Philbrook musings. My father had his fourth heart attack about 10 days before my wedding. We cancelled our honeymoon and went down to southern Oklahoma to see him. On our way back to Kansas, we spent some time in Tulsa and the Philbrook was a lovely oasis of calm, beauty and hope. We have very fond memories of the day we spent there. My husband will say yes to the Philbrook and our last dinner there when I toasted his passing the bar exam and asked, "When will you be finding a job." The last part is when my husband knew the honeymoon was O-V-E-R!

  2. "So often we do find what we need."

    Yes, like coming here with a woeful heart, and finding that you'd left a picture of a celestial lantern, and feeling myself burst with joy from the inside out.


  3. When I was a child I lived in Tulsa. The Philbrook is such a great memory for me and continues to be one of my favorite museums. I visited often through my first years of college until my parents moved away. Perhaps one day they will own one of my artworks. That would certainly be one complete circle of giving. Thank you for this post. ~best

  4. Its the details of our lives I think that in some respects make the impact. Its only once in a while the big picture matters. I loves these photos of the details.

  5. Patricia,
    Had no idea you were here….we should have had a spot of coffee.Next time we must! Yes! Having seen those same images and soaking up those same rays as a child..loving summer arts programs.I lived for those small pieces of the artists life …..such a special place to be.
    Thank you for making that connection, and you are right.You may only be peeking thru the fence but somehow you understand the landscape.


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