Gibson Girl

Many of you are familiar with San Francisco-based designer Grant Gibson as his apartment and show house rooms tend to show up often on blogs and Pinterest boards.  He recently gave his apartment a spiff and filled me in on the details.  (Hint: inexpensive and vibrant art can take you a long way.) You can see the images of his colorful update at AD here.

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8 thoughts on “Gibson Girl

  1. Well, I am following you and Grant for years and I am glad to see the two of you together…great article on AD.

  2. can imagine his apartment any better than before, curious to see the update…thank you for sharing

  3. Patricia a wonderful feature on Grant. I love his design style and would use his advice in a nano second.

    His eye for art is superb and those tortoise stools, the Beidermeier Chest stunning! A very fresh, yet layered look!


    Art by Karena

  4. Hard to imagine his style could possibly need an update but what an infusion of freshness. Grant has flair for everything and so do you Mrs.B.

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