Irving & Fine Find

In my closet full of shirts from J. Crew and skirts from Old Navy, I have a few things that have a style all their own.

More distinct, with exacting detail.

My tunics from Irving & Fine fall in this later category.  Every single time I wear them people comment.  You can always find them on line here, but if you are New York do stop by the:

Irving & Fine Sale
Indagare Souk
551 Madison Avenue, Ste. 1201
(Enter off 55th East of Madison)
10 – 5
May 30th & 31st

(The last time I went there was amazing jewelry, too.)

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4 thoughts on “Irving & Fine Find

  1. kutch coat, please. always with the good eye, mrs. b.!

    happy summer and best wishes- of course- you bring us to such excellent flights of fancy; love!

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