Shopping Buddy

Scot Meacham Wood (you may know him as Tartanscot) came to my rescue outside the main market building.  “Patricia!” he called from across the street and after a hug hello I begged off from going around with him as I had forgotten my phone charger and was almost out of juice.

“I have a charger, let’s go catch up.”  So after being in the building for the entire day he went back to sit with me in the press room and recharge.

Lynette Harrison, El Dorado, Kansas 316-371-5087

The good thing about me and Scot is no uneasy silence.  Chat or quiet, it’s all good, though we spent the better part of two days together and there was very little quiet.  Once I was back in business we wandered down to the Suites at Market Square and after the back-and-forth back-and-forth of the vendors we skipped up three steps to see the antique dealers.

And we were right at home.  It was a remarkably good antiques show.
Tiffany, Mid-Century, Sterling, Dell Ray and Associates, Atlanta, 678-592-0340

It’s always nice to see new dealers’ old things.

Did I buy?  I did.  Because the impracticality of taking a piece of celadon from High Point to Atlanta to Kansas City with no room in my overstuffed bag was not enough to stop me.  It was love at first sight.  I fell for every color, every bird, every flower, every butterfly.  As is often the case, her delicate appearance masked an inner strength; she rode home quietly, wrapped in a scarf, with Edie to protect her.

And, I could not resist the silver spoons.  “Iced tea spoons?” supposed the dealer, though we both agreed that they did not seem long enough.  They are cocktail spoons now, standing ready to swish and swirl any summertime drink we care to cook up.  I’m so smitten I might have to have a party so I can introduce them to my friends.

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10 thoughts on “Shopping Buddy

  1. That is a very pretty plate, and I can understand why it was one of those visceral "I must have it!" purchases. I adore having odd saucers and plates sitting out on tables at my house to use as coasters for drinks, catch-alls for bits and pieces, and just to have there to admire. A very good find!

  2. Patricia,
    Love your precious pieces from market! That lighting pendant …gorgeous. I have always wanted to meet Scot, I can tell he is a fun gent, so good you could tour around together!

    Art by Karena!

  3. Patricia you were on the mark when you said they are ice tea spoons. They are of course from Japan and were made for tourist. They are probably sterling. My roommate at Finch in the early 70s gave a similar set to my mother, which I now use. Also made in the same type of design were demitasse spoons.

  4. I just found a treasure, those kind of things inspiring me a lot!!!!

    congrats and greetings from Madrid,

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