15 thoughts on “Mrs. B at AD with Michael Smith

  1. And what a treat to stop by and find a post after your
    long absence. Your interview was great. Michael Smith
    seems to have a great appreciation for the traditional
    while he is keenly a man of the times.

  2. glad to see you have recovered from your "at a loss for words."
    what a treat to see you back and posting and that article – woo hoo.

  3. I just knew you couldn't leave us forever!! You are greatly missed and hope that the summer with the guys is fantastic. Love those green tennis shoes. Mary

  4. Hi Patricia, I just read the AD article–it is beautifully written: draws me in. I appreciate the focus on the historicity of B&F and the linking of current design to the masters of the past. Thanks. Mary (again)

  5. Patricia-
    So glad to see your message in my inbox this morning. I look forward to the AD piece and to more posts.
    Have a great summer,

  6. He is such a talent! And what I find most surprising, is that he doesn't appear to be the type of person who would actually live in his somwewhat formal, elegant apartment. He always exudes a kind of relaxed, L.A. cool desheveled vibe. But boy is he talented!

  7. Enjoyed your Spaces article on the Kansas City home of Francois Bardonnet. I flipped through the magazine last night at Wal-mart and stopped dead in my tracks when I saw that wheat sheaf table in his living room. I had had my eye on that table at Parrin and Co for a long time and the day I went in to buy it she told me that it had just sold to an antique dealer from Boston who was furnishing a place in Kansas City! It looks fantastic among all of his antiques!


    Toad sent us over here to celebrate with you! Indeed, he put a note on his blog dedicated to you today. Hope you and Mr. Blandings and all who love you dearly will be whooping it up in celebration of YOU today!

    Faithful follower and one who misses you so much,


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