Hi/Lo New York Minute

In New York a couple of weeks ago, I spied Nate Berkus across the room.  I did not accost him as I’ve promised myself not to wrangle an introduction only to offer, “I love your work,” but I’m happy to report that he is just as cute in person as he is on film.  (Tape.  TV.  Or iwhatever it is you are using.)

I did, however, have the opportunity to visit with him recently about his new line for Target.  You can see what he had to say at archdigest.com here.  (Not just cute to look at, he is charming as well.)  While you’re there check out his renovation of his New York duplex.   If I’d seen the layout before I’d seen him I fear I would not have been able to restrain myself from elbowing through the crowd.

Image, Nate Berkus’s living room, Architectural Digest November 2012; photography Pieter Estersohn, produced by Robert Rufino

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7 thoughts on “Hi/Lo New York Minute

  1. Patricia I love Nate's condo and all he has done; very interesting, very cool accessories!! Great article!

    Art by Karena

  2. We sat beside Nate Berkus in a Starbucks in Chicago a few years ago. We're Canadians, so we didn't say anything. I made a few gestures with my eyebrows so that my husband would pay attention. Finally, I whispered to him, "There's Nate Berkus." You know already what he said; "Who's he? Was he your student?"

    My brush with greatness,squandered.

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