Dexter Undone

“What’s Dexter doing?” he asked, taking a break from shopping and cooking.

“He’s obsessed.  The neighbors’ daughter is home with her two daschunds.  When she lets them out they come charging toward our yard, then stop about two feet from the fence.”


“And, I don’t know.  For the last two days he’s been sitting at the fence for hours just looking at their backdoor.  I guess today it’s too cold, so he moved inside. He’s a dope.”

“It’s the equivalent of having two Playboy bunnies move in next door.”

“I suppose,” she said, with a slow blink.

Four days later his vigil continues, the desperation of his yearning so palpable she can’t help feeling sorry for him.  Occasionally he turns and looks at her and lets out a long whine, while she imagines his loves sound asleep by the hearth, their long silky ears laid flat against the floor.

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12 thoughts on “Dexter Undone

  1. Hi Patricia, What kind of dog/lover is Dexter? I love his focus. And the way he sits perfectly in your chair. Maybe I should send Jones over to play? Have a wonderful Christmas season week.

  2. Oh Dexter; he feels like he is missing out..maybe he needs a partner!

    Patricia are you really back?!

    Art by Karena

  3. Charming post! And, even though you make us wait for an email notification to enjoy these little nuggets, please know that your faithful readers are still here — like Dexter, ever patient and longing for more 😉

  4. Dexter is all grown up!

    My brindle female boxer perches in a chair by the window facing the street and we call her "Chief of Security" when she takes up her position in the chair!

    Nothing gets by her…especially not the mailman or the UPS guy!

    Happy Holidays to you, Dexter and Rosie!

  5. Ah, I am smiling. I can see your lovelorn Dexter, just so much like our dog, sitting and yearning the company denied to him.
    Guys and dogs…..

  6. I loved your story of Dexter. I could feel his anticipation. It is how I feel about your blog. I keep checking to see if there is an update. I appreciate the work you do, it makes me smile.

  7. Love this post, can you share where you purchased the dog collar…I need one for my Weimaraner. Thanks and have a great weekend.

  8. Thank you, will call them and order.

    You are always so generous about sharing information and wanted you to know I appreciate your willingness to do so.

    Happy to see updates from you in my inbox.

    Happy Holidays, and My Best,

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