Flower Girl

As much as I love having fresh flowers in the house, I find them difficult.  Difficult to plan in the planting; worse still when it comes to arranging.  In my hands, it’s something just short of mauling.  In fact, the blooms may need therapy once their trembling stems come to rest in the vase.  At the very least I’m sure they commiserate with one another over their brutish treatment.

Then, a week or so ago, Susan from Rainy Day Books called to say, “There’s a new book I think you might like.”  I know you’re thinking this call might have gone out to dozens, might not have been meant just for me.  But I think it was.

Carolyn Roehm and Sylvie Becquet’s photographs for Ms. Roehm’s new book, Flowers, are simply stunning and gloriously large.  I felt like I could crawl right in and hide inside a peony – a most delicious escape (and one which I’m sorely needing.)  But better still, the arrangements are largely one or two blooms, in containers of standard shapes if extraordinary form.  The extra-added bonus being that each flower featured can be grown right here in my own zone.  Heaven, within my reach.

Beautiful and practical (how often does that happen?) Flowers will not only help me structure my arrangements, but my garden as well.  I could not be more delighted.  Flowers, by Carolyne Roehm, here.

I received no compensation for this post, in fact, I bought the book myself.  And I’m glad I did.

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6 thoughts on “Flower Girl

  1. When my sons were little they ran into the garden and would bring me dandelions. One would say difficult, like this dicifult and we would laugh. I think flowers are like children. Youth and beauty are so fleeting.'
    Love Carolyne Roehm's flower paintings….have you seen them?
    Happy Thanksgiving to you, will you be arranging flowers while Bill cooks?

  2. I have nothing to say about flowers. Kinda the same mild flummox that you experience when you come by my little patch of blogland and gander but find full participation in the dialogue a bit challenging.

    But I did want to say hello and thank you for saying hello over at my patch the other day. All the best to you and that house full of stinky men that you tend-to!

  3. I was just sitting here a while ago looking through CR's WINTER NOTEBOOK. I love her images, they're incredible. I have all her books, and will adding this one. Happy Thanksgiving!

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