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I have done my fair share of Restoration Hardware bashing, but I have always mentioned that I do, really, like their lighting and hardware.  I do.  And, so, in the interest of fair coverage, I mention how much I’m enjoying the Library Swing-Arm Sconce.  She was easy to install, solid and swivels nicely.  She does everything I thought she’d do.  I was doubly delighted to find that handsome knob, which makes a subtle “click” at “on” and “off,” is also a dimmer switch.  This is the sort of detail that makes my heart explode in a burst of love at first light, like finding Winnie-the-Pooh on someone’s grown-up bookshelf.

Library Swing-Arm Sconce at Restoration Hardware here.

Obviously, RH did not compensate me in any way.  And, no, I did not iron my bedding as I have two deadlines and three children in three different sports and it’s a week before Christmas.  Get over it.

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13 thoughts on “Dim Some

  1. I love Restoration Hardware's lighting and cabinet pulls and knobs. I collected three sets of their bathroom accessories (towel racks, cup holders, etc.) and some beautiful, subtle drapery rods before they were all discontinued. They've discontinued just about everything I loved about them! It's been more than six years since I bought anything there.

    And, yes, more information on that gorgeous French table, please!

  2. I too have set my thoughts upon such lightnings, just free- standing sort…would love to free some space from nightstands…

    Also, my crusty heart warmed a bit for the nod towards Winnie the Pooh. See, in my home library, under philosophy I do happen to have a copy of " Pooh and the Philosophers " by John Tyerman Williams.

  3. Glad to know about your approval of RH lighting. I have recently become so indebted to them that they have sent me a $100 gift certificate. I am looking for some good bathroom lights in my new log cabin. I'll check those RH suckers out! Thanks, ann

  4. The "ironed" bedding remark is hilarious! One reason I'm so looking forward to being ensconced in a nice hotel over Christmas – ironed bedding. . .

    It's the small things!

  5. They do lighting and fixtures pretty well. Our bathroom lighting and hardware at the condo were all RH. My bedside lamps are as well. That have that dimming knob too, it's a really nice feature.

  6. Thanks for the recommendation -i was just beginning to look for surface mounted sconces for my bedroom and hadn't thought of looking at RH! Love that it dims – essential!

  7. …forget the light…does not everyone have winnie the pooh on their grown-up bookshelf…right next to peter rabbit…blessings laney

  8. A comment not so much for you but to put it out in the universe….What the heck is up with Restoration Hardware? The idea that you can mass reproduce the kinds of things that one collects on trips or in tiny shops you visit on a whim or during an afternoon with a friend is incomprehensible. When I see what RH offers I pity the people who feel they can shortcut the process of collecting the things that make a house a home. The memories that are part of each acquisition may be unspoken but are as important to our surroundings as the perfect throw or pillow.

    Sorry for the rant.

  9. hilarious the comment about rh. not being personal.
    i find that shopping in restoration hardware and finding the perfect lamp is just as exciting and meaningful as finding it in a hidden shop on a backroad! i mean i don't like things filled with"history". it spooks me out.
    i like to be the first owner most of the time. rh is on the leading edge of design and that's where i want to be.
    don't get me wrong, i love to mix and match from everywhere. never would i think of buying everything at one place to get a cookie cutter look. be i don't want a mish mash either so it looks like i shopped at salvation army – not that there's anything wrong with it. just not my look. as for these lamps. I own them and love love love their functionality at a minumum and their elegance to add drama to my bedroom. love the "click".sooo satisfying!!!!

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