Math and measuring are a hateful and horrible business.  I wonder at people who find comfort and security in numbers and order, while I am perpetually vexed.  There are fifteen squares in the powder room and I did not execute the meander correctly once.  Each time I had to reconnoiter the bit in the middle.  Each time.

Beyond that, there are tricky parts both behind and beside the toilet and under the sink.  In a perfect world, one would execute such a project free of such obstacles.  It is not a perfect world.  As I found myself lying on the floor wedged between the toilet and the wall maneuvering a yard stick with one hand and a pencil with another, I was reminded of an interlude in the lower berth of a bunk bed in Stillwater, Oklahoma my freshman year of college.  This latest feat, at least, yielded satisfying results and left no lingering notion that looks foretell neither intelligence nor prowess.

Beyond the physical discomfort was the anxiety of making a mistake.  Pencil, of course, can be erased, but inky, black paint on a flat, white wall is the sort of slip that is difficult to undo.  This is where one needs to exercise forethought and caution.  Regardless my focus and enthusiasm, slip I did.  Today I face sealer and more dreaded calculations as I finally hang the silhouettes.  At the moment, from a language perspective, it’s a bit of a PG-13 environment.

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15 thoughts on “#@!%&

  1. Watch your potty mouth, or else I may have to come and wash your mouth out with some divine soap.
    My does that look squeaky clean and spot on.

  2. I have nightmares about such things. The kids can always tell when my husband or I are working on a new project by salty sailor sound emanating from the garage or basement.

  3. I cannot help but laugh as I feel your pain. I did a similar project this summer (although pale dusty pink not black) but at least I had a master to do my measuring. I was simply the paint grunt.

    But remember, the eye brain connection is a magical thing and it reads as perfection, even if not. Dynamic and daring – now to see the silhouettes!

  4. It is really looking good, what a job to tackle. If your friends ask are you up for another or is this going to be an only child.

  5. M.B.

    Looks amazing, remember to seal with a water based sealer to keep you beauty and the white from yellowing,over time. Unfortunately, much like a fade or a flaw in the face.At present, there is also a cure for that ailmant as well!
    Bravo and good luck!

  6. It looks beautiful, but do consider painting out the switchplate cover to match. There's nothing like hanging wallpaper in a powder room to ensure a trip to domestic relations court

  7. OMG….it is just wonderful….my days of negotiating body moves and getting up off the floor are no more….but once upon a time this would have been tempting to try

  8. Nice job! Would be nice to see a pic of the whole room with all the fixtures (perhaps with a panoramic setting on your camera). Always enjoy seeing your adventures in paint.

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