7 thoughts on “Dirty Little Secret

  1. I READ it. I could have WRITTEN it! Our experiences of youth and struggles as adults (and mothers) seem identical – except I'm older now and it's just my husband and I – still dealing with our own "closet messiness".

  2. I am glad you are writing. I think some of us are born organized and some of us aren't. Unfortunately, I fall somewhere in between. Solo, even after my kids are gone, they still come home and leave messes for Mom to straighten up. Five years of college stuff , is what I am dealing with now.

  3. Great piece! And I can attest that the methods of lax one day and strict another does not yield results. But I can also observe that the gene wins in the end….witness my son's apartment. Though he lives far off in Santa Fe, I would bet the house that the place is a MESS on any given day!

  4. I love this post….brings so many of my personal "issues" to the forefront. I have one child who is a neat-nick; one child who married one; and one who, God only knows how, survives. As for me, I have decided that there must be some creative benefit to being messy, I hope.
    I love the S&L baskets, might just have to get a few.

  5. Patricia, this is moi! However another artist friend is coming over to help me get organized before surgery. She is doing closets!!

    2013 Artists Series

  6. Great piece and whilst 4 out of 5 of us here are neat freaks there is one, and she knows who she is, with whom I despair. I LOVED your 'instiller of knowledge and neuroses' and 'parenting with a little resolve and a little hypocrisy'. Pure genius.

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