Tie One On

My new year starts Monday as the younger boys head back to school.  I know that January is supposed to be a time of pared-down and scaled-back, but my eyes keep catching this image each time they sweep my inspiration board.  I spent the holidays in black and gold with red nails and lips so there’s consistency there.  Also, recently asked, “How many bracelets do you think would be too many?” I could only reply, “I have no idea, but I’m not there yet.”  But beyond that, my look is remarkably restrained.  Usually straight.  Mostly fitted.  Almost masculine.  The image next to this one on the cork is cropped black pants with white socks and black oxfords.  The one below, white blouse buttoned to the neck with a black lace sweater.

So how to explain the allure of this avalanche of excess?  Those bows.  Those white satin bows, with their tails docked short.  The gleam of the silk, the clipped “V” of their ends.  For someone whose wedding dress had not one sequin, one pearl, one peek of lace – only a line of satin buttons as embellishment – it seems distinctly out of character.  But they are so wonderfully feminine, I can’t help but want to slide the satin between my finger and thumb.

Could this be the dawn of a new year and a new me?  Perhaps.  Perhaps this is the year to break out and be brave.

Image, Meadham Kirchhoff Spring 2013 Ready to Wear via Style.com.  Photography Alessandro Garofalo.

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10 thoughts on “Tie One On

  1. It's a new dawn, a new day….every day is a gift and should be tied with lovely satin boys or simple bakers twine. I think there is room for both.

  2. Perhaps!! And, also not normally being of the bow persuasion, this season I bought the most divine little fur/feather shoulder wrap with a big black chiffon bow that can move around from front to side with equal aplomb – so who knows, it might be a brave new world for me as well!

  3. Hi Patricia, GO FOR IT! That is the most gorgeous, feminine with just a touch of masculine dress I have ever seen. The hat reminds me of Spanish riding habit. How many bracelets? Depends on the length of your arms; and since you are tall, go for the max!

  4. Dear Patricia,

    I am ready to break out of the box with more fashionable alternatives. Usually i am classic and restrained in dress…I am loving some of the fun and embellished pieces trough!

    Art by Karena

  5. If you show up at the office in that outfit you will be the laughing stock of your friends. That said, i love that outfit. But keep it on your wall. Always dress down not up. I read the above comments of encouragement from people who would not wear that dress themselves but want you to wear it. Don't do it. Ann

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