If One is Good, Two is Better

My plate was full-to-overflowing last week, though with all good things.  Even so, I had a horrible case of monkey mind which led to a very tight spine during the day and nearly no sleep at night.  I was working on an event held last Saturday and, a few weeks ago, in the midst of planning and picking up, I decided I needed new bracelets.  I had dodged the bullet of buying a dress and with this financial windfall (that was how I saw it at least) I thought I would treat myself to a pair of the Kenneth Jay Lane cuffs that I’d coveted for so long.  A pair.  Yes.  Two. More is more.

A quick internet search yielded, remarkably, a site with a pair in-stock with free two-day shipping.  Click, click, click.  Distracted, I realized Tuesday that they had not arrived.  Emails and increasingly frantic messages provided no satisfaction, though threats of internet retaliation finally did.  The seller did not, in fact, have the bracelets, nor did he know if he could get them. He was sorry.  It could take a while. Curious.

Curious and maddening, actually.  And, in a moment of brief outfit despair, I almost gave up, resigned myself to some other not yet found something that would “do.”  Almost.  Instead, I navigated ebay on my phone (a less user-friendly site cannot be found) and located two sellers who graciously accommodated my a) obsession and b) time frame.

The first arrived on Friday and I told myself all day that if the other did not make it one would be enough.  I was lying, of course.  One would not be enough.  The second appeared on my doorstep the next morning just as I was heading out to set up.

So, I wore them Saturday night and I’ve yet to put them away.  If someone tells you that she saw some crazy woman at the coffee shop wearing jeans and a t-shirt and two enameled and jeweled cuffs, I’m sure you’ll understand.

All this in an effort to thank the sellers, hotfindsnyc and msharley.  So grateful for your great service.

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13 thoughts on “If One is Good, Two is Better

  1. I have sold the fine jewelry counterparts of these by Verdura- You were right to buy two-they always work better in pairs- wear them a lot- a long sleeved black t-shirt wtih white pants is perfect all summer long- change to black pants in the fall !! By the way wear them over the sleeve-

  2. A pair of Verdura cuffs would be a Cinderella-type dream – how lucky you to have held them in your hand. I wore them over the sleeve Saturday; so far, so good. Thanks for the tips.

  3. Well how about a photo of you wearing the cuffs? I bought one cuff similar to yours from Stella and Dot, but I have gained weight since my 20's, and 30's, etc. The hinged cuff doesn't fit.I do have a Cartier sterling cuff with a tortoise chunk on it. They couldn't sell it legally in the 70's, so they sold them to the employees. Still fits. I have one of those silver Worcestershire bottle covers that you have your brushes in. I was just going to throw it in the donate pile. I guess I'll shine it up and put it in the bathroom! Ann

  4. so Diana Vreeland. love , love. i've been searching all morning for a pair of my own. maybe Verdura in my next life.

  5. I completely understand your obsession. I think with a black tank and white jeans in summer you will break so many hearts.

  6. Cuffs make me feel like I'm still tall and lithe – somehow all that beauty at the end of my arms just does the trick! Bet you looked fabulous.

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