Hope Springs

I am on the outs with the weather, holding it at a distance as a friend or lover who has delivered a thoughtless slight but cannot be cut loose.  “Not personal,” of course, and I can’t pretend it’s so, but still I don’t care to reengage and can’t forgive.  It’s no coincidence that every thing I seem to be ripping from magazines and pulling from showrooms is green.  Apple and kelly and acid, anything for every room to cut the gloom of the clouds and the rain.  Suddenly, there seems to be a place for satin, space for leather and always a spot for chintz.  Ribbon from a friend’s gift graces my inspiration board and boxwood balls bounce across the front beds and still it is not enough.

I need spring.

These are not meant to be used together or even in the same room. They are, clockwise from the largest leather sample top, B. Berger Green Leaf, Garrett Leather Chatham Chartreuse, Cowtan & Tout, Moss Rose, which would be on my office chairs now if it were not for Dexter, Serena & Lily Grass Trellis, which will live at my kitchen windows eventually, if I could just focus long enough to figure yardage, ribbon from a dear friend and Schumacher Honeycomb in Lettuce from the Mary McDonald collection.

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12 thoughts on “Hope Springs

  1. Love that floral chintz! I'm craving green, too. This weather is going to be the end of me.

  2. Oh this weather, I am tossing bright pillows, white throws, fresh sunflowers in blue and white vases! Using what I have except for the sunflowers from Trader Joe's.

    Art by Karena

  3. Is it not the truth! Who would dream that Charlotte could be so rainy. It is a retailer's nightmare in the spring. There was the most divine Hidden Garden tour of the 4th Ward last weekend and I thought of you. It was your cup of tea. Exquisite, urban, cloistered gardens with lush flora and fauna live right down the street from me. I keep reliving it in my mind, even though it poured all weekend.

    …just bought fabric for living room and kitchen curtains/drapes and had to laugh…primary color? GREEN!

  4. I was bemoaning the same thing just a few short weeks ago, but we just had a glorious week end! Hold fast, your SPring is on its way!!!

  5. Hi Patricia, I promise that it is on the way. But just think, we are having rain (right now), in May, in Southern California (this never happens) and you are going to have lots of Spring by the end of the week in Los Angeles.

  6. Love the photo- it has been dark and gloomy and cold here in Atlanta as well- Remember Hope Springs are better than Rusty Springs or Squeaky Springs

  7. I am not typically a chintz person- but this is so fresh and with the layers and textures it all has such a current and clean/today feel to it. Love that green ribbon. The perfect shade of green!


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